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  1. Hi oldflash, can you explain how to remove all of the edits you made to Visas in your Final Touch mod? I downloaded KoTOR Tool, and tried to repair the 2da file, using data from what I think is an unaltered appearance.2da file, but it doesn't work.. and if I simply remove all "visas" files in the override folder, her outfit just turns white (texture missing?). I don't know if you still offer support for your Final Touch mod, but I'm hoping you do. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  2. They give you now XP boost for being member of guild and if you activate all xp bonus from legacy should compensate double xp weekends. Toked me 3 weeks to make a level 55 shadow and I like to waste time and enjoy the conversations and exploring.
  3. I use Opera but at that time I had to use IE. However, in last month Opera was working just fine and I manage to do everything
  4. I got error on card validation but I wasn't charged. I changed the browser and it was working just fine.
  5. From what I remember, when you get Bao-Dur in team you get p_rem_chk as well. From there, the hearthbeat script will do the adjusting stack to 1 for that item and the armband controller will equip/unequip that item. Hearthbeat script will check the status and summon remote or erase it.


    I had a look on scripts and remember another thing. I was unable to get the position of PC or to check if is on area so instead I check the existence of and item and get the location. That item is equipped only on PC. That's how it works all the things.[/edit]

  6. Hey, thank you for commenting in the puppet scripting question yesterday. However I am not exactly understanding what I am to do with syntax you gave me. It sounds like it is supposed to be equipped to the heartbeat but how to spawn it so that it naturally appears when you warp to a new module.

  7. The only difference will be the possibility to rise the crew skills above 400 once you get RotHC even if you are lower than level 50.
  8. Hi Canderis,

    I'm ok, inactive but still visiting the forum :)

    The little free time I have I use it to play swtor and mass effect 3.

  9. Hey! Haven't seen you in a while. How ya been?

  10. All the same, Darth InSidious, all the same.

  11. Hey, oldflash! I saw your post. It's been a long time - how are you?

  12. You mention "impressions" on thread's title so... The game is great, best I played so far even if it is a mmo. Being part of beta test sounds more like a joke now... 20 mb downloaded in 1 day, 3 days of waiting to account activation and 2 days of play. I mean, let's face it, I was not as tester but to spam the helpdesk with a 1 ticket 3 times. That was all. I was that bad to let the account active for a week? Beside, all I saw on 2 days was only complains from the "real" testers... Nevermind. I barely "taste" it. Recommend to a friend, yes. Buy it? No. I will not pay twice for one product. And, btw, it was sweet (the taste).
  13. After 24h of download: 48h to wait until I can join. Those 48 hours will be sooooooo loooooong...
  14. I made a pc puppet long time ago on final touch mod. Can't remember if the sources was included.
  15. Nice to see you back again! I still use your swords and sabers on a regular basis!

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