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  1. I agree, the chaingun is good once it gets fired up, but otherwise I'd say the mortat launcher is a easier to get kills with. Not to say the chaingun is bad of course, in my opinion it's an ok weapon. I just find the mortar launcher more effective.

  2. Personally I agree as well, sure the music was kind of annoying: But it fit the mode well in my opinion.


    Now I do find that in some cases the music really doesn't fit the situation. Me I'm going to say customization would be cool. Sure each level has a prerecorded sound track like it is now, but if people wanted they could go to " level options" and tinker with the soundtrack (and about a dozen other possible things) to their hearts content.

  3. Yes, it would be cool if the snipers had a "scout pistol", somthing with a good rate of fire, but a very short range and a longer recharge rate. Also maybe with the grappling hook secondary mode.


    Of course they'd have to make sure theirs no cheap "unshootable" areas. Sure it will be hard to eliminate a sniper wholed up in a certain area, but thats nothing another sniper or a jet pack trooper can't fix.


    Also how about giving each class a slightly diffrent rifle, the empire and rebublic could have heavier rifles dishing greater damage, while the rebel rifle has less ammo, and less power but boasts a longer range and a slightly faster rate of fire. The CIS rifle will appear to be the worst, dealing slightly less damage then the standard rifle, but when fully charged it's the most devastating of the sniper rifles. Or somthing along those lines.

  4. I think the scouts are pretty good the way they are actually, the quickest units but also the ones with the lowest health.


    If I had to change the scouts I would give them back the back the recon droid, but keep it's self activated self destruct. They could still call down air strikes though, just in a diffrent way. Maybe somthing that involves the commander units, like the droid spots the target but the commander has to order the strike in that location, or some other method involving teamwork.


    Also you could switch control back to the sniper, leaving the recon droid hovering in one spot, so it can also serve as an auto turret if the need arises.


    Another thing the snipers could use in my opinion is a grappling hook. I know that several mods used this device, and I found it quite fun and I think it would be awsome for scouts to have. To let them get into those nifty sniping spots normal troops can't get to.

  5. Setting the reinforcement counter before the battle doesn't exactly set the exact number of reinforcement points, it only changes the precent. For example say a map normally has 100 reinforcement points, then keeping the setting at "100" gives you 100 points, changing it to "80" would give you eighty points and so on.


    However all maps default scores arn't the same, some might be default 150 for example. So setting the counter to "90" gives you ninty percent of 150, instead of the exact number 90.

  6. Do you mean you'd like the "third" Battlefront, that is if there will be one, should be more of a game, like adventure game. Based on following the story wars story a bit more than SWBF2. What exactly mean by more of a "game"?


    What I mean is I'd like it to seem more like a new battlefront game. I mean, for me SWBF2 felt sort of like an expansion, sure their were some minor graphical updates, new maps, etc but it still felt like SWBF1 and still had most of it's disapointments and limitations.


    What I meant when I said I want a new game, is I want a game thats still basicly battlefront, still the same basic concept but completely suped up and improved. Revised and Expanded: completely new, better graphics, improved, expanded gameplay, all sorts of revisions, most of the stuff we've talked about here actually.


    I'd want them to take their time with it, to make it a definite, concrete improvement from the originals. With everything you liked giving you a much better experience overall.

  7. Me, I thought BF1 and 2 were fairly good. But always seemed to be a step or two away from the kind of game I could really go crazy over. That's my main wish for SWBF3, that it be that sort of game.


    Somthing that looks and feels more like a new game, instead of merely a souped up, improved, but ultimatly old version of the original.

  8. 1 on 1, AT-AT vs AT-TE, I say the AT-AT would win in a straight up fight between the two, the AT-TE's tail guns are usless against it and the ability not to get tripped up by snow speeders is not important as their are none present.


    However in terms of overall use the AT-TE is the better choice. It has weapons on all sides, has a lower profile making it harder to assault. Really the AT-AT seems more like a long range shock weapon that needs the support of infantry and other vehicles. The AT-TE is effective on it's own.

  9. I believe that some frigates, such as Acclamator assault ships and Trade Federation Landers should spawn vehicles.


    Well, if they allow troops to spawn on them, and spawn vehicles then they effectivly become a toned down capital ship, right? These types of vehicles would no longer be considered "frigates" but instead they are


    And another minor concern. If a LAAT or other transport is just picking up, they should be able to turn off they're command post function, so the spawned units don't get murdalized when they're left behind or something. You might be able to dock down the transport so it can't move as well so bots do mess anything up by driving/flying it away or crashing it.
    effectivly minor capital ships.


    Yeah, it would suck to just spawn as the gunship is just taking off, leaving you stranded in the middle of some jungle surrounded by enemies. I think that as soon as it lifts off of the ground it ceases to become a spawn point for troops.


    Of course the AI would have to be tweaked a bit to use gunships more effectivly as they would hopefully play a larger role in a SWBFIII being on several ground maps.


    A neat idea might be to have all troops spawning spawn inside the transport, then they could immediatly get out and fight, or stay inside if the ship is in flight or about to retreat. Each Transport could only hold a certain amount of units, but units will only stay in it for transport purposes, once it lands you should probably exit. Also it would be cool if guys riding the transports could fire from inside, not in space of course as the hatches would be closed but in land battles.


    i think u should be able to ram capital ships and actauly make holes in the ships if there shields are down


    I'm not sure this would be a good idea, In my opinion the capital ship drive setup should make purposly ramming other ships illegal. The only way it would be possible I say is if the engines or bridge are destroyed and you lose control of the ship, then it drifts aimlessly and could hit and damage other vessels.

  10. Also, aside from better, and more complex map design another thing I think the new maps could really use would be the ability to interact more with the enviroment. Now I don't mean that everytime you shoot a cannon it would leave a crater in the ground, or the ability to knock down tree's or maybe demolish a house in Mos Eisly if you plant enough time bombs on it, although those would be cool. I'm just talking about some simple stuff that would give the levels more depth.


    Like on city levels like Theed or Mos Eisly you could open doors and enter buildings, heck the CP's could actually BE inside the buildings instead of just sitting randomly out their in the open. Maybe some choice destructable terrain as well like collapsable caverns in the Hoth tunnels, to help dissuade the use of explosives. Just simple stuff like that would really add somthing to the levels I think.

  11. I don't find Hoth very unbalanced at all. Each side has it's own advantages/disadvantages but overall I don't find one side to win more then the other.


    Really I don't think any of the maps have extreame balance issues. Maybe a couple favor one side a bit, but nothing major.

  12. It would be nice if people offered examples of unbalanced maps. I'm tempted to say "yes" as well but no maps really come to mind. Execpt for certain "hunt" modes and thats not really the fault of level design, but the teams AI.

  13. well, Ive gotta agree with you mostly jediofdoom, but I still think there could be room for one or two EU levels. Most of the maps would be stuff any fan could recognize and enjoy of course. But I don't think a few EU maps would completely throw off the majority of star wars fans. Heck, I know I didn't have a problem with Rhen Var or Kashyyyk in BF1 (this was before Episode III so I had never seen Kashyyyk before of course it's not EU to me now). Just so long as the focus remains on classic movie locations I think a few EU maps could possibly be thrown in for good measure. But as you said, It's up to the creators if they want to add it. I'm not asking for EU maps specificly. I'm just saying I'm not going to reject the game, or dislike the level merely because it's EU.


    That said, if enough people seem to want EU maps/eras/armies maybe they could make an expansion chock full of that stuff just for the people who would want it. If the demand was great enough of course.

  14. Yes, but to be fair it might be kind of hard to scroll through all the information and ideas we have been brainstorming. Maybe someone should make a definitive list of all the stuff that's been agreed upon. Maybe we should try expanding on ideas instead of just throwing out random stuff and forgetting about it.


    Now I do think it would be cool if frigates and capital ships in general played more of a role in space combat. Actually manuvering them and having them blast at each other would add a whole new dimension to the game. I always did find it kind of cheesy that those heavy blasters did no damage to starfighters, let alone another capital ship. It would be cool if the ships had whole ranges of heavy turrets that did considerable damage unless disabled. Meaning you would have to strategicly plot your ship so it's not to exposed to enemy turrets.


    I'm not too sure I want frigates spawning fighters to tell you the truth. Really I think that should be left to the capital ships. The frigates should be turret covered gunboats designed to devestate groups of starfighters or bombard enemy capital ships in my opinion. Maybe they could be controlled by the AI, in case no one feels like driving it around. But have a "crew" capacity allowing a certain number of players to spawn within and control movement/turrets.

  15. I think I remember talking about this before... anyway in my opinion the SPHA-T might be a bit too big to actually have as a controllable vehicle (unless the map was unbelievibly massive). But then again the AT-AT is pretty huge and that works just fine, so maybe the SPHA-T could work, it would be huge, slow but have massive firepower. I still think I would rather see it as a destroyable command post for a Geonosis (and maybe a few other) map though.


    Basicly they just sit there and look impressive until a commander orders an artillery strike (Speacial Commander ability only useful on maps with artillery) on a target (Techno Union ships, usually) or a large group of enemies, then they vaporize anything in that area for a bit then wait for their lasers to recharge.


    I also think they're should be a 7th class, consisting of Jedi, Dark Jedi, or Sith.


    I'm not too sure on this one, I don't think jedi/sith were common enough to warrent their own class on a battlefield. Not to say they weren't there at all, but this is why we have heroes, to represent the jedi presence on the battle field. I wouldn't want a whole unit class dedicated to them.


    On some maps, like Geonosis, where lots of jedi were present, some generic jedi knights would make a good "elite" class. (Basicly a class unique to a certain map that requires more points to be unlocked and has a limited number.) I talked more about this in one of my long posts, some other examples could be the Emperors body guards and ARC troopers.

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