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  1. Debate:: Independent Side-Quests and Reward Systems. (On Sunday!)

    Welcome to our third installment in the KIII Summer Debate Series!


    Join us on Sunday to debate about 'Independent Side-Quests and Reward Systems', and give your insights on how you would deal with them in creating a "KotOR III". Since this debate will be focused, I will set out the ground work on Sunday. Everyone is welcomed to join in the fun.


    Time: 8:00 pm (E.S.T. - US)

    When: Sunday - June 15, 2008 :D

  2. Exxon to sell all of company’s gas stations!

    Title is straight from the headline itself.




    HOUSTON - Exxon Mobil is getting out of the retail gasoline business, a market where profits have gotten tougher because of high crude oil prices.


    The world's largest publicly traded oil company said Thursday it will sell its 820-company owned stations and another 1,400 outlets operated by dealers to gasoline distributors across the U.S.


    The Irving-based company didn't disclose financial details but said the transition will take place over a "multiyear period."


    However, motorists will continue to see Exxon and Mobil stations throughout the country. About 75 percent of its roughly 12,000 stations in the U.S. are owned by branded distributors. Exxon Mobil will still sell gasoline to those stations and get paid for the use of its name.

    Someone is worried about getting into trouble for price gouging.

  3. I hate to sound crass, but what happens to the election if some mental health related tragedy befalls McCain after the convention?
    If a president becomes incompasitated (sp?), the Vice President becomes President and The Head of the House of Representitives or Senate becomes Vice Predident.

    Well spoken, The Source!

    I feel pretty much the same way as you about it, but I'm not allowed to talk about US politics because I'm Dutchy :xp:

    You people own almost everything in the world. Hehehe...

  4. Yeah, I played it. The voice acting is a bit dull IMO, but a great and enjoyable game for sure! :)

    It looks like it is enjoyable. Any game that goes back to old Transylvania has to be cool. :)


    The graphics look pretty stunning.

  5. "Vampire the Masqurade: Bloodlines" vrs. "Knights of the Old Republic 2"

    Since both games were released within months of each other, I thought we could do what the industry has not. Both games are from the science-fiction genra, and they both have unique and different feelings. Some people who I have talked to offline believe that "Vampire the Masqurade: Bloodlines" should have won game of the year, and "Knights of the Old Republic 2" should have come in a near second. Let the battle of the sequels begin. :)


    What is your opinion and vote?

  6. [PC] Dracula: Origin


    When I was in Wall-Mart yesterday, I came across an action adventure game called "Dracula: Origin". Some times I like to pick up an action adventure game, for it gives me peace from the RPG world. I haven't played or installed the game, but it looks like a pretty neat concept. Has anyone played the game? How did you like it?

  7. That's what I've said before, just because they chose to announce it that day, doesn't mean they hadn't made any agreements months before. ;)

    Lol... When I was looking at the press releases over at BioWare, they were listed as two different games in production. I would think that BioWare would have linked the two together, but they could have reasons not to do so. I guess we will have to wait and see. :D

  8. I hope this helps with speculators, but considering the recent comments leaked to the press about Bush asking King Abdullah to increase oil production and then the Saudi’s refusal, this could just add to uncertainty felt by the speculators. Uncertainty is never good for oil prices.

    Very Damn True Man!


    If they truely wanted to cool the oil market down, they would have called an emergancy meeting for this week. Like the article said. Lol...

  9. Lol... I wonder if they are thinking, "Hey! Don't start using alternative fuels. We have plenty for everyone. You can allways count on your oil providers."

    The kingdom will also work with OPEC to "guarantee the availability of oil supplies now and in the future,"...

    Yep. They want us to keep paying into their pockets.


    "It's not a situation that's going to move the market today," said Phil Flynn at Alaron Trading Corp. in Chicago, suggesting that there it might have a more long term effect. "I do think a conference is warranted, we need to sit down."

    No. We need to find ways to get off of oil and gas, and we cannot do it by giving oil and gas companies more cash.


    "It's not anywhere near as significant as if they called an emergency OPEC meeting," he said. "It seems to me to be more political than anything ... They're reaching their worry threshold."
    Lol... I agree with that statement. If we actually develop new forms of fuels, they will end up loosing mad amounts of money. Having the price of oil and gas go up, makes everyone race for a bike or alternative fueled car.


    Thanks for the article man!

  10. I like how such a long post is filled with absolutely nothing but meaningless fluff. Kudos to you sir.

    Oh? I'm sorry El Sitherino. I thought this thread was "Who do you think will win the 2008 election?" I just answered in a quick summary why I feel as such. Did I do something wrong?


    Just looking for clarity.

  11. I can see alot of good ideas in this thread, but I think people need to know one more important feature: Have Some Fun!


    When I hold my debates in the other threads, I usually allow speculation, insight, and logical reasoning. If I missed something in my logic, people are kind enough to open my eyes. Debates are all about presenting facts, assumptions, and other insights. Even though you or I do not see a connection, that doesn't mean a connection cannot be made. Collations come in many forms. I personally do not believe in an absolute wrong answer. Thinking outside of the box is essential for growth.


    At the end: Just Have Some Fun!

  12. Sir, you are assuming a priori synthetic normatives in a phenomenatic a fortiori stative-inductive.


    If you are going to start such a discussion, I would ask that you engage the points at hand, not cavill over pseudo-synthetic a fortiori assumptions about fn-Visas in relation to p-Atris.

    I see where you are going man. Next Sunday's debate will be more about fact finding than assumptions. I think assumptions are also welcome in these discussions, but I agree that I need to place down facts first. ;)

  13. I am going to place something on the table, which hopefully clears some stuff up about BioWare's upcoming MMORPG.


    #1 - If you look at BioWare's original announcement for the MMORPG, you will see something very, very, very important. Since some people do not see it, I will spell it out for you.




    BioWare Corp. Announces New "BioWare Austin" Studio

    New Studio Recruiting for Massively Multiplayer Online RPG Project

    EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, March 13, 2006


    Canadian videogame developer BioWare Corp. has announced the opening of a new studio, BioWare Austin, based in Austin, Texas. It is the second of BioWare's studios and the first to be located outside of Canada.


    BioWare Austin has already begun work on a Massively Multiplayer Online roleplaying game (MMORPG) title; the new game will mark BioWare's debut in the Massively Multiplayer Online space. BioWare has recruited some of the top talent in MMO and RPG development, both to manage the development efforts at BioWare Austin and to collaborate with the experienced team at BioWare Edmonton, to develop a game that combines the best of BioWare's great past games with a compelling persistent online experience. Joining the Austin team as lead designer is James Ohlen, BioWare's Creative Director, whose previous credits include lead or co-lead design roles on Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™, Neverwinter Nights™, Baldur's Gate™ and Baldur's Gate II™. Also leading the BWA team are MMO veterans Richard Vogel and Gordon Walton. Richard Vogel brings 15 years of experience to BioWare Austin, previously serving as VP of Product Development for Sony Online Entertainment's Austin studio, as well as launching Ultima Online™ as a senior producer at Origin. Gordon Walton recently served as VP, studio manager and executive producer at Sony Online Entertainment as well as VP and Executive Producer at Electronic Arts....


    #2 - If you look at BioWare's announcement for working with Lucas Arts, you will see another interesting problem in people's thinking.




    SAN FRANCISCO, CA and EDMONTON, CANADA — October 30, 2007 — LucasArts and BioWare today announced that they have entered into an agreement to create an interactive entertainment product. The product, details of which will be unveiled at a later date, will be developed and published by BioWare and LucasArts, and will push the boundaries of the gaming market by utilizing the strengths of both companies to deliver an innovative, high-quality experience.


    “LucasArts has a deep commitment to developing compelling stories and characters for the unique medium of interactive entertainment, and we have been searching for a developer that shares this value. We found this in BioWare,” said Jim Ward, president of LucasArts. “Through our previous collaborations, we know that BioWare has an impressive ability to blend gripping stories with technological advancements, and we believe that our upcoming product will deliver an experience that will span the traditional boundaries of video game entertainment.”

    How can BioWare's upcoming MMORPG be a "KotOR" sequel? It cannot be. If I had to make a guess, the upcoming "KotOR III" will be similar in style to the first two. Look at the dates posted on both announcements. LucasArts entered into an agreement with BioWare a whole year after BioWare made the MMORPG announcement. Unless BioWare can forsee into the future, it would be theoretically impossible for the upcoming MMORPG to be "KotOR III".


    I do have to trackdown another press release, which states that Lucas Arts wants a reboot of the Star Wars Gallaxies franchise. However, we haven't heard anything solid about the reboot.

  14. There is a possiblity. However, I am sure that the Exile was in a rush to save the galaxy... ;) I am not disregarding the possiblity though... :D

    I'm sure your right. If Lucas Arts descides on the darkside canon female for Exile, the others in your party are also Sith. Atris's Telos enclave could be their training ground. Atris would end up dead. If Lucas Arts chooses the lightside as canon, Atris would be left on Telos going Sith mad. Lol...


    I cannot ignore the "Star Wars Essentials - Chronology", which places on Sith remaining after the current war.


    Not part of the debate' date=' but are you sure it said after KOTOR II or after the Sith Civl War? First you said one sith survived after KOTOR II, but your next sentence says after the civil war. and according to Wookiepedia, which people here like to reference, the Exile was female, but not a Sith. In fact, the canon for all Star Wars games is the lightside ending.[/quote']

    During the events of "KotOR II", there is a Sih Civil War being waged. Kriea, Sion, and Nhilus are only players in a bigger war. As the events surounding the Exile are being played out, the Sith are fighting over controlling what is left of Malek's -or- Revan's old army.



    I don't think this was an complex quesiton to ask. I am going to let it sit here, and see what others come up with.


  15. Potentially, Atris could be the Sith Lord in KotOR III. It could also be the Exile that is the Sith Lord in KotOR III. I personally don't quite know which one could/would be...


    I guess that it all comes to what is canon. From what I know, it is canon that the Exile is a DS female, and I don't think that it would be that far-fetched that she killed Atris. I don't quite remember though. That isn't what it states on the wookiepedia page. Could someone clarify this?

    If you think about how she was left on Telos, the Sith holocrons that are just laying around, I don't think it would have been wise of Exile to just leave that stuff linguring. Atris has allready taken the steps. Maybe she is Exile's apprentice?

  16. Debate:: Atris’s Roll in a Possible “KotOR III?”

    Heavy On Spoilers.


    Welcome to another Sunday ‘KotOR III’ debate! Within tonight’s discussion, we are speculating on a possible Atris involvement in “KotOR III”. As we know from playing “The Sith Lords”, Atris is either killed or allowed to live. If you think about how complex the Expanded Universe has become, Atris’s role may not be over in a long shot. According to Atris’s and Kreia’s conversation on Telos, we find out that our emotionally driven Jedi Master has fallen. “Star Wars: Essentials – Chronology” makes an interesting history note, which revolves around the Sith Civil War. During the event of “KotOR II”, the Sith you do not see are fighting amongst themselves. According to the “Star Wars: Essentials” book, only one Sith Lord survives the events of “KotOR II”. If we go by Kreia’s logic, “…there must always be a Darth Traya.”, we can make the assumption that Atris is the surviving Sith Lord. However, what is the canonized fate of the Exile? If the Eixle is considered to be female, could Kreia’s statement have a double meaning? Could the Eile be the very Sith that survives? Coulf the Exile be Darth Traya in “KotOR III”? In order to come to a possible conclusion, we must answer one question: “Is there a place in “KotOR III”, which Atris as a Dark Lord is involved? Does Darth Traya finally rise?


    Star Wars Wikipedia – Atris


    Star Wars Wikipedia – Jedi Exile


    Second This War


    “There are many factions within the Sith, each attempting to take what little remains from the Jedi Civil War."


    Visas Marr’s statement is very interesting. If Atris is the last of the Sith Lord, within the known region, what type of role could she have in “KotOR III”?



    Lets Hit The Reset Button!


  17. Since the Presidental Election Campagin of 2008 started back in 2007, I decided to get a headstart and start focusing debate on the 2012 Presidental Election...right now.


    If Obama wins 2008, Possible Candiantes are:

    --Romney ® [He was the Second Place Winner in the Republican primaries. Tradition usually dictates that the second place winner usually ascends to first place and wins the nomination...See McCain, being Second Place Winner back in 2000.]

    --Fred Thompson ® [He's a favoriate amongst right-winger, a TV star on Law and Order. He was pressured to enter the race, but then fell flat. But he does still have fans. He 'could' try again.]

    --Ron Paul ® [He'll try again, I know it.]

    --Huckabee ® [He has evanglenial beliefs, and he has lots of supporters. He'd want another go.]

    --Obama (D) ['Nuff said. He'd be the incumbent.]


    If McCain wins 2008, Possible Candinates are:

    --Clinton (D) [The defeat of Obama can allow Clinton a chance to argue that only she can lead the Democrats to victory.]

    --Edwards (D) [His belief in economic populism may cause him to enter the nomination race again to try and counter the Clintons.]

    --McCain ® ['Nuff said. He'd be the incumbent.]

    --Romney ® [if the McCain Presidency turns out to be more left-wing than people expect it to be, I think the conservative wing would be more than willing to wage a protest vote against McCain.]

    --Huckabee ® [He has evanglenial beliefs, and he has lots of supporters. He'd want another go, especially as a protest vote against McCain.]

    --Ron Paul ® [He'll try again, I know it.]


    Third Parties That May Run In 2012:

    --Libertarain Party

    --Liberal Mayor, Micheal Bloomberg


    There may be other candinates that I might be forgetting.

    You have an interesting list for 2012, but I don't think the canidates you chose for the Republicans are clearly defined. I am willing to make a wager that there will be a new set of faces, which we have not had the chance of seeing in the media. I also believe we will be living in a different world in 2012, which will be the result of bad descisions by Obama. We will not know until then.

  18. We have bases in Germany and Japan. Are we still in unending conflict with them?

    Agreed. I personally think that we have to be big brother in Iraq. Regardless about how we got there, I think we need to take a serious look at the country. Once someone new comes into office, the dirty laundry of President Bush will be revealed. I personally believe that Bush needs to be put on trial, so we can get the whole truth out in the open. When I think back on election 2000, we needed Bush to remove the unhumbled Gore. Within this election cycle, we need an unbiased individual to evalutate and scruitinaize Iraq. Obama doesn't have any military logic, which would help him see the pros and cons of Iraq. Bush is attempting to keep himself out of trouble.

  19. Unfortunately, I think Obama is going to win the general election. Since John McCain is a very weak Republican, I just don't see him rallying the party. I personally don't think Obama is going to attempt a debate with McCain. I personally believe that the Republicans are going to stay at home this time around. I expect Obama to be in office for one term. I actually expect anyone of the canadates to only have one term. I think the United States is going through a phase, which will allow some real leaders to step forward. After our country takes some time to flex, we will see a real run for the White House in 2012. I think the Republicans are retreating, so they can fight for another day. McCain is just not a strong cannidate. Plus, he is a Liberal running on the Republican ticket. Grrr... I think I am going to wait this voting cycle out myself. I want to see a hard hitter Republican arrive for an awsome 2012 battle. Obama is going to make some serious mistakes in office, and it will cost him the second term. I personally hate the man, but I do know he will win.


    Obama's term will be similar in tone to George Bush senior. People will celebrate his arrival to the White House, but he will deliver nothing positive to the office. I personally believe he is a logo and slogon without substance, and people will finally see this to be true. If he turns into a radical - racial- president, we can allways impeach the man.

  20. How many more of these debates are you going to start Source?! :xp:


    Well, thank you for the heads up, and I will definately be there.




    A weekly feature actually would be fun

    As many as you people want. I think its cool to have these discussions. Picking a time and day will allow everyone 'time' to think about the questions. I thought the last one went off pretty cool. Everyone had brought some insight into our previous debate, and you all have shead some light on things I didn't know.


    See you Sunday at 8:000 pm E.S.T.. :)

  21. Remembering the "KotOR"!

    This is a "Knights of the Old Republic I" thread.


    Since I have not played through the entire game in some time, I thougt it would be neat to think back at the events in "KotOR I". Unlike the doom and gloom feeling of its sequal, "KotOR I" was built with extensive humor, irony, and just plain fun moments.



    When you, Bastila, and Mission are walking across Taris together, Mission asks a series of questions to Bastila. The conversation comes off with a comical interaction between a teen and a young adult. Even though Bastila's response to Mission was stuffy, she ended up using the force to push Mission to the ground. Mission shakes her head, and Bastila denies using the Force on her.


    I know you can do better. :lol:

  22. When it comes to this sort of stuff, I think people are afraid of scientific answers in general. I am talking about the fundamental religious believers. Fundamentalists put God in a restricted box, which prohibits other interpretations of biblical texts. God cannot add, alter, or bring more insight to his work. I call this the great flaw in religious sects, which will limit God's capabilities and intentions. As a result of not being open to the science behind God's work, they will cease to learn and grow from the logic behind evolution and other sciences. While the rest of us see God's wisdom and complexity through science and religion, fundamentalists will never - ever understand the true nature and lessons behind God's word. Science should be taught as a seperate subject, for it can be tested by scientific methods. Religion should be taught as a seperate subject, for it can only be studied through religious methods. When it comes to where they interconnect, that responsibility should be that of the individual.


    Existentialism is the key to both religion and science. Only through the individual themselves shall they both fuse, and the endless possibilities to God's work will be revealed.

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