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For fans: Dark Fall 2 to come soon

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(I've forgotten my password, so I quickly hijacked Curt's account for this info.)


I've read Stinger's review on Dark Fall 1 and agree with most of the things said. Only thing I did not agree with is that the navigation is annoying. I probably got sucked into the game so much that I didn't notice if it was annoying or not :D. Also, normally I stay away from horror and spooky games but with this one I just loved the unique story and puzzles and was absolutely eager to finish it (didn't play at nights though as the atmosphere is definitely eerie and creepy, even with speakers turned off :o ). Great, great game - I haven't enjoyed a game that much in a long time!


Anyway, for people who love this adventure too there is good news from the developer:

"Dark Fall II : Lights Out is also 1st person. I expect it to be released towards the end of the year."

The link is: http://www.xxvproductions.co.uk/darkfall2/index2.html


I am very much looking forward to Dark Fall 2 and hope it finds many more fans to keep the developer going.


Cheers, Megs

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