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My friends make fun of me because I do not want to get drunk...

Reborn Outcast

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If you don't want to drink, don't drink.


Some of your friends may tease you. Some of these people may be real friends who are genuinely just teasing, and who don't actually care either way whether you drink or not.

These people you should keep as friends, and take any 'jibes' with the spirit they are given, and feel free to give some back :)


Others may be just d***s who want to pick on any different or 'out-of-the-norm' behaviour. Ignore these people. They are irrelavent...



If you don't want to drink - no problem. In fact, if you don't want to do anything that has any remote chance of having any kind of negative consequence - be my guest.


If you don't want to skydive (incase the harness breaks, or the chute doesn't open), be my guest. I think it's worth doing, but I respect those who don't.


If you don't want to play contact sports (incase you hurt yourself), be my guest. I don't have a problem with it, but I respect those people who choose not to...


These last comments are directed towards those who like to brand alchohol and all other drugs under the overly simplistic banner of 'wrong' without any consideration to the moderation with which they are taken, or the fact that there are different grades of drug...


Think about now, starting drinking, then see yourself in a few years, a pot head, an alcholic, a drug addict.


Ermm - ok. How about:


Think about it now - start eating chocolate and hamburgers, then see yourself in a few years - you'll weigh 300 lbs, and you'll need a wall knocked down to leave the house...

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My advice? Do one shot. Just one single shot. Or not even a shot. Have one beer. You have no idea how many people will leave you alone after that. I was the exact same way as you in high school, when it came to alcohol. Finally, I did one shot to make my friends happy. And they never bothered me again. In fact, they stood up and defended me whenever someone else gave me a hard time for not drinking.


You don't seem like the type that would have pricks and jerks for friends. It seems likely they're just messin' with you.

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Tell them to **** their mommas and stick their head where the ****ing sun doesn't shine... or ignore them, easy....


Yeah, i was a victim of peer pressure yesterday, haha, no! a 4th grader told me to give him my garage opener number, ha! I wuz strong! :D



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Originally posted by Reborn Outcast

I am 15 years old and I'm living a pretty good life now. I have good morals, I plan to save sex for a special person when I'm married and I don't want to get drunk.


It's the last part that I'm having trouble with now (well, not exactly trouble, just problems with my friends about). I'm in 10th grade, and ever since my friends and I got into highschool, I've noticed them wanting more and more to get drunk. Now, they pressure me to get drunk too, but everytime I refuse, saying that it doesnt look appealing to me, or that it just seems wrong to. Now, yesterday the emotions soared to the point where I was making bets with my best friends that I wouldn't get drunk in highschool. They made fun of me, saying that they were going to get me drunk sometime and that there was no way I could resist. I have other friends who don't drink, and I'm glad that I can go to them for support, but when they're not there, and it's 4 or 5 vs me, I don't know what to say. I can't come up with a plausable arguement as to why I don't want to drink, only that it "feels wrong, and doesn't appeal to me." They think that that is a stupid reason, and continually tell me so.


Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what advice do you have for me? (Take note though, that I am NOT going to get drunk [and notice I'm saying drunk, of course I'm going to have a sip of wine with my parents on New Years, or on their birthdays] and I don't plan to get drunk. Just so that everyone knows.)


Damn, that sucks dude. Personally I drink quite a bit, sometimes to get drunk, others just to have a beer with my friends (btw, i love the taste of beer more than pop). But when i don't want to drink then alls I say is "I'm not going to drink right now, I don't want to"


One time it pissed one of my friends off cuz he wanted me to try a jack and coke mix but i didn't want to cuz i had to go to work. He got mad enough to lock me out of his house until i tried it, so I poured it on his car(20 oz. coke bottle full) and started my 4 mile trek back into town. I went half a mile before he drove up to me to give me a ride the rest of the way. My point is, do what you have to do to NOT get pressured into doing things you don't want to. Since you're 15 you don't have a car which sucks cuz I'd say make sure you always drive and can leave when you want. When you turn 16 make sure you ALWAYS have your car. As for right now, just tell your friends that you're not going to and you don't want to, just flat out tell them "I'm not gonna drink cuz I don't want to" and if they give you any more grief, start a walk to your house. If they're any kind of friends at all then they won't push you to the point of walking, and if it DOES come to it, they'll pick you up not to far later.


I have the same problem as you, except mine's with weed. I tried it to see what everyone liked about it so much (everyone since my freshman year thought I was a way big pothead anyway, i've done it twice ever) but if i just tell my friends "No" then they'll try to push it but deep down they know I'm still not going to do it. That may be what your friends are doing, they keep pressuring you into it knowing that you won't, but hoping that you will. The reason they're probably doing it is because they think you'll be one of the funniest kids ever when drunk. That's what I pretty much am, I can make people laugh anyway, but when I'm drunk? I guess I'm just hilarious.


Save your virginity (right now I wish I had done that, cuz that'd be something perfect to give your wife) and no matter what don't drink if you don't want to. Nobody can make you do ****, and if they need to know that then tell them.

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There is nothing wrong with getting drunk either usually that is something that breaks the ice when you feel uncomfrotable around people. My best friend and I are best friends purely because one night I got drunk and so did he and we had a great time.



Do what you want though if you don't want to drink don't; its not a bad thing though if done in moderation.



*Goes for a doube Jameson with ice*

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Originally posted by obi-wan13

While they are suffering their head-throbbing, vomit-producing hangover, be the sober friend that offers support.


If they feel you are not "cool" because you won't drink, They aren't your friends at all.


Either that, or them making fun of you is their way of saying that they respect your opinions(sounds wierd, but hear me out), and that they would never actually force you to drink. My friends are party dogs and get drunk/high/sexed up all the time. When they offer me the same "night on the town," I always tell them no. They mock me sure, but they always talk to me the next day, or always ask for my advice. (Which they never take, btw)

So just stay strong and stand up for what you think is right. It's worth fighting for.


Totaly agree, it they saying that, they arent your friends..

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