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Self Elected Cori Events Manager


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Well I asked for Corzip's permission, but it was my idea :) . Anyways, my job is to come up with events to attract people to Cori. Heres the ideas I have come up with...


Parties - Casual and Formal. Also theme parties will attract people. I need help with coming up w/ themes.


Mount Race - This doesnt really fit the Affiliates peacfuly style, but I came up with a neat system to hold a gladiator/race mount battle. 5 gladiators or so are on mounts, each member of the race duels each other so it becomes a free for all. First member to finish the race or be the last one standing wins. This would be done on creature mounts so players can attack each other while on their mounts.


Artisan Tournements - This idea particuarly comes to mind with Chefs, but it would work with other professions too. Two artisans (any elite profession) face off against each other to fufill a large order, and make superb items.


Boxing Tournement - X'ero and Richton have been planning something like this for the cantina for a long time...


Roleplaying Events - I havent come up with many good ideas yet. One idea that does come to mind is a trial.



Now I need your ideas! If youve got a idea for a event, and would like to see it come to life, post here and we can collaborate ideas!

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well uhm:



Wedding Tenla - Grask :) if they want to

Official opening of Cori Celesti


and i LIKE! your gladiator mount thing :)

you can fire on a mount but you cant do special attackes :) i like it :)


artisian.... well medic against medic. best stims against eachother :p


well i tried boxing against jan once. he was winning because his regn stats were higher then mine :)


and about roleplaying. i try to roleplay a lot with Atex. playing a Twi'lek that high on honor. and a warrior. and the nice manner of his nubian upbringing :)

problem is last time i did that. zennor got slapped by a weird twi'lek and he was insulting me to get me to duel him.


about corzip. his story isnt that great. need to wokr something better up :)

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