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Cantina Bar Sets - Wave II: Their Fates Revealed


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Well, it's like for every 10 Wal-Marts or Targets around here, there's only one K-Mart. That's my problem.


Oh, and sadly I do not go to a certain Wal-Mart around here I call 'ghetto Wal-Mart' due to the fact some black guy was beaten to near death by another black guy with a baseball bat for cutting in line. I did find a whole lotta good stuff there because think about who normally shops there. They don't collect this stuff. It's a shame I'll miss out on the stuff.

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hhmmm.. back to the topic?


nothing new just a small update from yakface:


Series 2 Cantina Sets Rumor Control

April 2, 2004 | 4:40 PM EST | Keri


It seems that there are more questions, rather than definitive answers on the Series 2 Cantina Sets issued by Hasbro to be Wal-Mart Exclusives. After searching and reading upon the topic from various sources, I hope to have come up with some answers to help myself and our readers clear up this muddled mess.


As we know, the First Cantina Sets were Wal-Mart exclusives, and in most cases were pretty much deluxe peg-warmers. In fact at some out of the way Wal-Marts in my area they can still be bought, although not of course not on mint cards.


The Second Cantina Sets slated to be released at Wal-Mart were Dr. Evazan, Kitik Keed'Ka, and Wuher. However, Wal-Mart declined the exclusive items, which were in turn picked up by the struggling K-Mart. When K-Mart declared bankruptcy and started closing stores, Hasbro stopped production on these figure sets.


How many cases exactly did Hasbro produce? According to Cloud City Collectibles, the only US Retailer to actually get cases of these figures, the number of cases believed to be produced is somewhere around 250, which translates into about 1,000 Kitik's and 500 each of Wuher and Dr. Evazan. Therefore, the prices for these figures on the blue Saga cards are not in the low end of the spectrum.


Where exactly does that leave us now, those who do not wish to pay a small fortune just to own the figures? As we have seen, the figures are still a K-Mart exlusive, this time appearing as a 3-Pack in the new OTC Packaging design. The point being, unless you absolutely must have every single packaging variant produced, I would say be patient and wait for the K-Mart 3-Pack.


You may view the figures with their Blue Saga cards up for auction on Ebay here.





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