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Welcome new Rogue Spies!

Guest Rogue15

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Guest Rogue15

Here is your assignment: You have rogue spy, right? Well, reply to this so I can give you your assignment.


The first person to reply must search this:




So, to do this, simply type this in the passcode box: FAAAAAA and wait a few hours (scanning takes time, it's best to leave roguespy running at night or b4 u go to bed.


When you wish to end your passcode search, just write down the last thing that u can remember, (FQAAAAA for example) then come and reply with your results. When you're ready to run roguespy again, just type in the last thing you remembered showing up (such as FQAAAAA). I hope that made sense. so whoever's ready, reply. the next person after that to reply gets GAAAAAA-GZZZZZZ, then the next HAAAAAA-HZZZZZZ, and the next person gets IAAAAAA-IZZZZZZ, etc.






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