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Corralskipper Model Needed!!!!

Could you do this for me?  

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Originally posted by Zappa_0

Sorry bout the V19 TFP, I guess thats mostly my fault, since I asked you to make it into a vehicle for me. I hope you can find ur way back into animating some how.

I sent it to Corto again, hopefully he'll fix it.
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Ahhh!! I am done with my Final Exams and the SAT II Biology E/M!! But, now I have GMAX, and I don't know what to do!! I don't even know what a bone is. I'm a complete noob to this!! How do you add bolts, make certain shapes, and add a skin?!?!


I'd appreciate it if someone could help me!!



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Have you ever seen gmax?


Once but it fought me and kicked my butt.


Actually it does...


Well paint me stupid and call me Sally.

What about xsi import/export? I'd hate to be steering people in the wrong direction.

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