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Just for the record - I never said I'd do MIGC, bgbennyboy just said "if only someone would do it!" and I said "I'll do a design if you like" and suddenly I had this enormous project on my shoulders. If there's still interest for it then I'll probably do something for it intergrated with The SCUMM Bar and then a real site if it takes off well. The problem with the MIGC was that it was too big, too much, and I wasn't ever interested in it, and I probably needed more help doing it than I let on (though Remi helped a huge amount). Anyway, to make a random parralel with Lord of the Rings: the ring has been given to me, I didn't ask for it or even like it, but that's just the way it is - and I'll take it to Mount Doom or die trying.


Just small steps at a time.


"You've got two weeks free now! Do it now you lazy bastard ;)!" - PTDC to Gabez, at the start of the Easter holidays when Gabez had 50 hours of revision to do (I'm not joking, I added it up!) because it was mere weeks before his A levels. Yes, I have all the free time in the world to do pointless projects I don't even like for people who don't seem to care/aren't here!



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