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Expansion Packs [spoiler...a bit]

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Originally posted by Obi_Kwiet

That makes alot of sence. Still, there is one thing I don't get: in is SW how do you know what is good or bad? How do you know that in SW, doing what we'd consider nice isn't actually bad? I mean there must be some way to tell or it wouldn't matter.



Yes, I think like this too. I guess, the generally good people know what is right and wrong. People are generally good, unless they are taught wrong. That is how the Yuuzhan Vong were. They were generally good, but taught bad ideals, and, so they became bad.


Hard to explain, it is.



Amidala, Prime is right...you'll never get away...never!!


BTW- I prefer "computer and sci-fi geek" rather than nerd...



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