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You are all my lackies in Crime now!!!


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Ever since I set foot in this horrible excuse for a forum, I have planned and plotted. Now that I have taken control of this forums leaders, I now control buisness around here. The crime lords of this forum belongs to me now. What you choose to do must be checked by me, All who oppose willsuffer for their treason, Your are all now my lackies in crime. If I say take a tank and kill people, DO IT! If I say shove the old lady to the street, DO IT! If I say stand on your head DO IT! You freedom is MINE to mangle now! You souls ARE MINE!!!! Your muscles are mine!!! Your Devil Dogs.... are mine......


Your incopetence to live good crimeless lives sickens me!!



You shall no longer obey the goverments law, but only the GOBLIN'S LAW!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahehehehehohoho



Thank you...

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but alas...the rebel had forgotten the "Loooooooooooooooooone Moderator"!!!


Rp valiantly rides in upon his steed....raises his hands. Thunder and lightning surrounds the area. Rp looks up and shouts in a deep, loud voice, "Threeeeeeeadddd cloooooooooooosed."




....and all is calm.

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