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Forthcoming Tournament, or possibly Tournaments with an S


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Originally posted by JBRAA

I suggest that it the server would be "open" for play for UT all the time, and at 8pm every day there would be a "hot spot" when you come if you wanna play more people.

This is a great idea for obvious reasons, but unless someone happens to have a server to spare it isn't really possible, unfortunately. I myself would love to have a machine poised and waiting at the end of my internet connection, ready to accept UT/HL/Quake/whatever-else players into its gaping maw at any time, like a spider in its web, but unfortunately I don't own such a spare machine. Certain other people do (cough Mort) but have a terrible, terrible Internet connection.


So, just to reiterate the hint in case you missed it, if you know someone with both of these things, start greasing them up. You know you want to. ;D

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Alternatively, we could mooch off the good will of other people, and just make a list of Official Freeloading MIGC player's Servers for a variety of games, a la nss.nu for random practice type stuff.

Then come tournament time, run a server of our own for whatever game it is we're playing.

Of course it suits to have "hotspots" as you call it fairly regularly; in which case I guess there could be different times/days set aside for different games (eg, every other saturday at 9, run a UT server) which would be a sort of permanent planned event that wouldn't have to be announced (because everybody should know that it happens anyway).

Big crazy tournaments in which I am always champion, especially over Huz, could then take over the slot of that game's hotspot; just with more administration.

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