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Using Command Line Server Settings


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It is possible to alter the server setup beyond the basics allowed in the Dedicated Server.


Here is how:

1. Open the file "Battlefront Server .ini" in the root folder of the dedicated server (should open in notepad)

2. Find the line which starts with "APP_COMMAND_LINE_BASIC=/"

3. Add additional commands to the end of this line using the sintax " /commandhere"


Examples that have been tested



increase max fps to 30 (wont go higher)

" /tps 30"


turn on server event logging

" /log"


turn on logging of final scores

" /logfinalscore"


it is important that each command is seperated by one space


as more Commands are found and tested they will be added to this thread.

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Full list of potential commands

only those listed above have been tested





















/heroes EUR JAP NA






































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Example of the server log - http://www.forcegamers.com/bf/log0.log

ini file used - http://www.forcegamers.com/bf/battlefront%20server.ini


Here are a few more switches to play with from the client.

















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Has anyone tried to create a shortcut to battlefront.exe and add these parameters to the command line to start the server that way instead of through the GUI. That would be highly useful. In the end, a GUI greatly limits the methods that you can use to run the server (eg. through Firedaemon as a service).

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There was no file titled "Server Settings.ini", however there was "battlefront server.ini" with the appropriate command line, so....


I added the "/tps 30" command (no quotes of course) and set my home system to 30 to match, but the framerate is still locked at 20~21 fps. What am I missing?


Thank you,


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For anyone interested, it seems that you do not need to run the GUI to launch the server. You can launch it from a command line via a shortcut to battlefront.exe.


Create a shortcut to battlefront.exe and edit the properties. Here is my example command line.


D:\Games\SWBF\battlefront.exe /win /norender /autonet dedicated /resolution 320 240 /nosound /gamename [OSF]MayTheForceBeWithYou! /playerlimit 32 /playercount 0 /bots 4 /noteamdamage /difficulty 2 /throttle 3072 /spawn 5 hot1i 400 400 nab2c 400 400 tat1i 400 400 end1a 400 400 kam1c 400 400 bes2a 400 400 yav2i 300 300 geo1r 400 400 hot1i 400 400 kas1c 300 300 bes1a 400 400 rhn2c 300 300 tat2i 300 300 nab1c 300 300 kas2c 300 300 yav1i 300 300 rhn1r 300 300


Here is what the commands do. Carrots (<>) surround values to be changed.


/win - not sure but necessary

/norender - not sure but necessary (assuming it turns off rendering video)

/nosound - not sure but necessary (assuming it turns off sound)

/autonet dedicated - dedicated server

/resolution <horiz> <vert> - controls the resolution of the server window

/gamename <name> - sets server name

/playerlimit <limit> - sets server maximum number of clients

/playercount <count> - sets count of clients necessary for round to start

/noteamdamage - sets FF off, leave out to turn on

/difficulty <level> sets bot skill (1=easy, 2=medium, 3=hard)

/throttle <bandwidth> - sets hosting bandwidth (3072=3Mbps+, 2MBs=2048, 1MB=1024, 512k=512, 256k=256, 128k=128)

/tps <fps> - sets server framerate

/lan - LAN server, leave out for internet

/nonames - no player names, leave out to turn on

/heroes - heroes, leave out to turn off

/password <password> - puts password on the server

/randomize - randomize map rotation, leave out to turn off

/spawn <seconds> - the spawn protection time in seconds (0-10)


The only thing missing from the GUI with the command line options is the autorestart, but since I use Firedaemon to run it as a Windows service, I don't need that anyhow. I thought /crashed might be it, but it didn't seem to work for me. There is also a second tab for a second server with the 1.1 patch it appears, but I do not know how this translates to the command line.


The maplist comes last after all of the options. Leave two spaces between the last option and the first map. The limit is 24 though why there is a limit is beyond me. Here are the map names for the command line. Unfortunately, there is a limit (character length) on how many commands you can fit into the command line of a shortcut. With Firedaemon, I do not have this issue. The numbers following each map name in the command line are the tickets for the two factions.


bes1a - bespin: platforms (GCW)

bes2a - bespin: cloud city (GCW)

bes1r - bespin: platforms (CW)

bes2r - bespin: cloud city (CW)

end1a - endor: bunker (GCW)

hot1i - hoth: echo base (GCW)

kas1i - kashyyyk: islands (GCW)

kas2i - kashyyyk: docks (GCW)

geo1r - geonosis: spires (CW)

kam1c - kamino: tipoca city (CW)

kas1c - kashyyyk: islands (CW)

kas2c - kashyyyk: docks (CW)

nab1i - naboo: plains (GCW)

nab2a - naboo: theed (GCW)

nab1c - naboo: plains (CW)

nab2c - naboo: theed (CW)

rhn1i - rhen var: harbor (GCW)

rhn2a - rhen var: citadel (GCW)

rhn1r - rhen var: harbor (CW)

rhn2c - rhen var: citadel (CW)

tatli - tatooine: dune sea (GCW)

tat2i - tatooine: mos eisley (GCW)

tat1r - tatooine: dune sea (CW)

tat2r - tatooine: mos eisley (CW)

yav1i - yavin 4: temple (GCW)

yav2i - yavin 4: arena (GCW)

yav1c - yavin 4: temple (CW)

yav2r - yavin 4: arena (CW)

tat3a - tatooine: jabba's palace (GCW)

tat3c - tatooine: jabba's palace (CW)

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You could also run the GUI from FireDaemon instead so that the user can edit their .ini file (or you can comment it and break into two sections for editable and not editable.) That way you can set some of those other parameters that are not known. That's how we decided to go ahead.

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Strike -

Try the Windows Task Manager and Process Viewer



and on XP Pro so I guess 2003 server will be similar

there is a "Processes" Tab and also a network tab


I think network tab is aggregate and not broken down.

You can also netstat -an

to get a VAGUE feel


Since its mostly UDP it should be pretty lieghtweight

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its not quite as accurate and controllable as 'top' on Linux

but its Windows

so just help me beg Pandemic for server binaries for Linux and some decent admin controls -

it would be nice to auto-kick a team killer after his second team kill.

(One for accidental friendly fire - 2nd kill youre either sloppy or evil)


GL with the server,

Im going to build one on Win2K just to get familiar with it while hoping for a linux binary soon.

I'd NEVER place a windows box on the net 24x7 since I cant babysit it all the time like these professional game server admins.

(Ive got a day job and family and this thing would be 0wn3d in no time)


Cheers all :cool:

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well - after much nashing of teeth, i've gotten a server setup as a windows service via "srvany.exe"...i've gotten used to using that instead of firedaemon to shave a bit of overhead and to remote to my primary server via the remote management direct to the win services....


have run into a couple of snags tho::


1.) can't run more than 14 total maps - i'm guessing due to a character limitation in the "AppParameters" string in the registry entry...


2.) still can't establish a direct connection via IP...can see the server via "/lan" game....i can kill that option, but then the server auto-shows via internet games, and my players still can't connect direct...


3.) adding a password caused a failure when my players tried to connect, so i simply set the "/player" option to 3 players and left it at that...


not sure if this makes any sense, as it looks like a lot of peeps here are *nix server admins (don't blame ya - :p), but if anyone has any thoughts, please advise...


course - most (if not all) of these items would be non-issues if i could pass a ".ini" parameter to snag all this nfo at the go ala UT2k*...is that even an option?...


- bliSS


PS - i buy all my games retail, but i run alcohol 120% so i don't have to swap my discs all the time...anyone know what copy-protection scheme was used on BF?...

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