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Interesting Strategy for you guys

Boba Tea

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On the map Kashyyk Docks(my personal favorite,) I have developed a strategy I think you guys will like. Feedback would be appreciated.:D


1. Spawn as a Republic Jet Trooper

2. Run all the way to the end of the highest platform on one of the pontoons.

3. wait until there are no droids spawned on the Island Base.

4. Jump. Activate you jetpack at the bery last second to avoid death.

5. Crouch, and hastily run to the island.


Now, there are two choices once you're on the island. If you are playing online with a mate, you could probably do both.


1. Steal a Trade Federation Tank and attack the Feds from behind.




2. Hide and take over the Command Post.




Either way, it'll lead you to a quick and strategic victory. Yay, pour the blue milk.


EDIT: Oops, sory guys. Can this be moved to the correct forum?

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Said this in another forum but I do the exact same thing except I steal a STAP and I figured out that you can go off the ledges onto the walkways without getting hurt. Then you can speed down the walkway blasting droids the whole way (as long as you don't get shot). You can also go up the stairs of the walkway and get a pretty good jump. This is mostly for fun though. Not much help to your teammates. In my game the CIS tanks can't quite hit you so it's really fun.

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It's a good strategy! But I have found one thing: that you can easily jump straight down without using the jettroopers jetpack, because the jettrooper has no falling damage (at least on the ps2). So you can jump of the heighest building in the game without even a scratch. And you can also use this strategy in the rotunda in Theed. So i think you can use it on nearly all the maps somewhere:fett:

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