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Some of you may know that one of George Lucas's earlier movies was THX-1138. Ever since, you can find references to "1138" in Star Wars movies, books, and games. In other words, easter eggs.

The most obvious 1138 reference is at the beginning of RC: Boss' designation is 01/138.

Well, whilst designing a map for RC I came across a map called "1138.cmt" :eek:


To check it out, start an SP or MP game and type "OPEN 1138" in the console.


You'll find yourself in a room that has two blank, uncolored clones in the center. On all of the walls are posters naming levels in RC. Run up to one of the posters and hit "E" or whatever your bind for melee attack might be. A message will appear at the top of the screen - it will do nothing else. One exception is the poster which is under the sign saying "Geonosian Campaign" with a green arrow pointing at it. That one will immediately teleport you into the level where you're on that big elevator going deep into the Seperatist starship (the part where Advisor says "Our communications will be sporadic, so you're on your own when you get inside).


Enjoy! :)

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Hasn't this been reported before? I'm pretty sure it has. I heard about it here about 4 months ago, The thread was deleted in the forum move though...


And you just have to attack a poster (i.e. shoot it or stab it) to get it to load. Didn't know that one of them worked though.

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