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A Longer Journey


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Ooh, look what came crawling from under the rock!


I am disillusioned about Dreamfall. At first I thought it looked bloody nice, but now I think it might be more of an action game. The trailer had me snarling "Yeah, sure." It's so pretentious.


In a preview over at Yahoo! Games Domain, Funcom's product director Jorgen Tharaldsen explained that the much anticipated - and 'much' controversial - Dreamfall will be more about giving players freedom of choice in how they play out the story, which is the nucleus of the experience.


Tharaldsen insists that Dreamfall is more accurately a 'thriller' than an 'action/adventure', and admits to the frustration involved with this insistence:

'It has been a rough battle. Not necessarily a battle against the fans, but just convincing them of what we're doing.'

Dreamfall is slated for release later this year [has been pushed back to early 2006] on the Xbox console and the PC.

Read more about it at Adventure Gamers.


Well, we have a lot of other adventures coming out (Runaway 2, Tony Tough 2, Overclocked, Tunguska, Keepsake, The Sapphire Claw, Ankh, Broken Sword 4, Beneath A Steel Sky 2(?), The City Of Metronome, Destinies...) and I haven't even played most of the oldies.

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I'm not sure it's going to be an action game. I've read on Adventure Gamers that Creator Guy (Tornquest? Grensret? What's his name again?) said it's more about having different ways to solve each puzzle, so, you know, whatever.


It is disappointing having new adventure games I do not know about. Calling yourself an adventure gamer in an age when there are no games is one thing; having an industry to keep track of is another thing entirely.


But the really good news is that I get your avatar now!

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Well, let me get you up-to-date on an issue that is related to a game you love. You know that LucasArts cancelled Sam & Max 2, right? Now get this, Telltale Games have taken over! Not the content that has been created so far, but the rights for the license.


But I don't know if the release of Out From Boneville by the same developer turns this into good or bad news. Go ahead, visit their website, download the demo. It's got decent design and technology (the 'demo' contains the full game, which is unlockable, yet weighs less than the demo of, say, Psychonauts). But the Bone series will be episodic and so the whole game clocks in at around 2 hours. Including mini-games...


The episodes will be self contained, no cliffhangers. Still, it leaves an uneasy feeling when you think that Sam & Max 2 will be similar. US$ 20 for 2 hours...

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I guess you'll have 20 days per city, which makes more sense. Very nice idea, though.


Wow, Adventure Company have made lots of games. I've read reviews of some on Adventure Gamers.


Remember when we were on AdventureGamer? Simpler times, they were.



You're online, but I'm leaving to eat.

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