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Complaints on the dig museum:


Should Méndez be impeached?  

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  1. 1. Should Méndez be impeached?

    • No! i think his lack of webmastering skills and and over inlafted ego make him perfect!
    • Yes! i want a real webmaster

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I was the first volunteer to the dig museum. i worked very hard to help santiago with this site, but I have to speak up now.


he made a spoof of an apple product site for the t-2000. I sent in a version with fixed CSS; obviously our webmaster knows no CSS. not only that, but he complelety ignored me after that and got stuck collecting names. i havent heard from him since.


Its been over a year since the schedualed released, but still no site!


i feel that méndez might not be the perfect man for the job, seeing as he is full of himself and doesnt know a lick of real web programming. just my opinion, but I feel he should be replaced for a more favorable (and responsable) webmaster.


thank you for your time,


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Hi there THomas Averin


I really feel sorry that you think that way.

To start with I have NEVER asked you to make that CSS site for the PenUltimate.

I made it very clear what was that you could help me with. You never showed up with those snapshots I asked for, and now I have to do it all by myself.


This is not a competition. Knowledge of web programming and CSS doesn't make you a better webmaster. I have two brilliant programmers working on The Dig Museum which are doing a great job.

I know it may don't look that way but I take this site very seriously.

I honestly thought that despite your age you were mature enough. Maybe I was wrong.


Just for the record you wasn't the first volunteer, that was Andrew "ATMachine" Ervin.


If you are willing to keep working on The Dig Museum, you will have your space waiting for you.


- Sam

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I guess i was a bit rash with this post and I apologise. i was having a bad day. but i tried to explain the snapshot issue: i coudnt get them in gif with out spending days converting the file format. i sent you numerous emails and you seemed to ignore them all. i was sent little to no information; basically you said "go find these emails and shut the hell up". If you really felt I was mature, you could of given me more than just a few chump jobs. I would be more than happy to help with the website, but i would prefere to be not stuck wasting my time with collecting emails of the acccounting department for the dig.

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Yes, I'ts been quite a lot. Way more than I had planned.

And the "Coming Soon" it's been there since almost a year. too bad. Right now I'm trying to put all the pieces (I have a huge ammount).


I'm going to have Bandwith very soon, and that's going to boost everything.

It HAS to be this NOVEMBER, I can't promise it but IT HAS TO BE!

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