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Most touching moment in Grim Fandango


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You mean this one:


With bony hands I hold my partner

On soulless feet we cross the floor

The music stops as if to answer

An empty knocking at the door

It seems his skin was sweet as mango

When last I held him to my breast

But now we dance this grim fandango

And will four years before we rest.


You have to ask Olivia to read one of her poems. I don't think this is the first one she says, so you'll have to ask her more than once.


In fact, that's the last poem she sings - after that, if you ask her to sing more she starts from the top.


But if you show the "rusty anchor" paper to her she sings another poem.

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Lola's death is an incredibly powerful scene, but what I find more touching is afterwards when Toto talks about her. He calls her a sweet girl and says to Manny "tell her Papa Toto says hello".


When you find out what a lovely person she was it just makes her loss seem so much more significant.


I always thought he was her dad because of this bit lol

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Well, there are quite a few of them for me, of course. The one scene that really chokes me up, though, is when Domino is killed by the coral crusher, and Manny fears he's about to meet the same fate. He puts his hands up to cover his face so he doesn't have to witness the inevitable horror, when he is plucked from danger by Pugsey and Bibi, whom he himself had just saved from their own horrible fate.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff that gets to me every single time. Such amazing emotion conveyed without a word, or even a change of facial expression (which, as many here have noted, was also the case during the recovery of Salvadore's body).


Mew of the Skeleton Crew




Oh Manny... so cynical... What happened to you, Manny, that caused you to lose your sense of hope, your love of life?

Manuel Calavera: I died ...

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The ending is very sad. The fact that these two best friends will never see each other again. Plus, the realisation that Manny is leaving for good and there's no coming back. It's just such a powerful moment and I was actually speechless when the credits started to roll. I felt like applauding.


I also remember the train descending into hell and what really got me were the Gatekeepers words, something like "Your destiny cannot be purchased". There was no glory in it, just that eerie silence as all those people, some of whom you'd met, went to a very bad place indeed.

It was really quite striking.


Another rather touching moment, when I think about it, was the carnival for the Day of the Dead at the begining of the game. The whole art deco style, the floating balloons, the mural outside Manny's workplace. It was so placid and cosy that leaving it was really quite an unhappy moment. I only wish a place like that existed XD

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