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Video Issues in XWA


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first of all: don't flame if there is already a thread about my problem. I used the search function and found no answers.


My Problem: I just reinstalled XWA and it looks terribly ugly. to be precise. If I am far away from an object it looks ok, but if it happens to be at ca. 0.3 clicks, the textures start to blur.

I tried almost everything, from getting new drivers to mess around with the settings.. with no results. So I'm crying out for help :cry8:

(It's not the corrupt fonts thing. I use the patch for high res)


My specs:

Athlon XP 1700

MSI K7T 266 Pro2 board

512 mb ram

GeForce 4800 (creative labs), ForceWare 81.98

Win XP Pro


Ingame Settings: everything as high as possible

Res: 1280*1024 (as in Windows)


Driver Settings:

AA: 4xS

Anisotropic: 8x

Vsync: active

Force Mip Maps: Trilinear

Texture Clamp: on

Extensionrestriction: off

Hardwareacceleration: 1 Screen

Tripple Buffer: on

Neg. LOD: Clamp

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Your problem is to do with the way the game uses software vectors and is quite common but usually only at super close range. May I suggest setting everthing on your card to automatic instead of forcing the game to do things it wasn't designed for.


post at XWAU like the B-Wing pilot says.

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