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Module Editor Map Requests


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I have a friend that will be glad to do some maps that would be handy for me atm, and I have been wondering the same thing Ulic. I will pm Fred and ask him directly, as well as seconding your motion. I would happily donate half of the TSL maps left, if Fred is still happy to do the final render needed to insert it into the Module Editor.

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Fred Tera you still alive? I am willing to pay to get the rest of the tsl maps done.

or if anyone knows how to make them.


Me too. I Really, REALLY, need all of the DRO*.map's. REALLY.


(For a MAJOR mod.)


I have not included the Droid Factory and Planet because I doubt very much that Fred Tetra would make those available. If I'm wrong in this assumption, I'm very sure he'll edit my post.


HEY. He allready released a droid factory map. Why not do some droid planet maps?




I have combined your Double Posts. Please refrain from Double Posting, that is having multiple posts in a row, while it is alright to do in some rare instances, here it isn't. Use the 'edit this' post feature to add any new content to your previous posts, thanks. -RH

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You would think that "someone" would have made it. But it's a lot of work to make, and apparently this is not the case. Even if Fred Tetra were still around, he only makes K1 maps for a fee anyway due to the sheer time it takes. But anyway it's a moot point because he's clearly not still around and I only still maintain this topic because I said I would, and not because I believe anything will actually be done. ^_^

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