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Two Crucial Problems


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OK, i just reinstalled Tie Fighter so i could get reference for my mod, and so i could play one of the best games ever made again :) . Needless to say, the graphics look like lines across the screen on everything other then when your in the concourse, and the sound card was not read by the game, though i have one and to my knowledge its fairly recent. Ill get my sound card info, but my graphics are Radeon X300 Series. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank a lot,

Zemmurk Trooper

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Forgot to ask what operating system you were running too, b/c if you're trying to run DOS TIE on Win2K or XP, it won't work, since neither of those operating systems supports DOS applications natively. This means you have to run TIE under an emulator of some sort, such as VDMSound, which has been found to work with DOS X-Wing and TIE Fighter. However, since DOS games run under an emulator tend to run slowly (and often to the point of being unplayable), I recommend finding a copy of the above-mentioned X-Wing Collector Series or X-Wing Trilogy. X-Wing and TIE from those bundles will run on Windows XP without much trouble, save for needing a compatibility fix found on LucasFiles in order to run with hardware 3D acceleration enabled.

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i tried the emulator, but this occured:


Loading TIE-Fighter CD. Please wait....

DOS/4GW Protected Mode Run-time Version 1.97

Copyright © Rational Systems, Inc. 1990-1994

ERROR #3: You must insert TIE-Fighter CD into your cd-rom drive.

If the CD is already in the drive and you still get this

error, then check to make sure that your cd-rom drivers are

loaded. You can do this by trying to change to drive letter

of your cd-rom drive (D: for most people.) If you get an

error message when trying to change drives, then your drivers

are not loaded. You must consult your computer's manuals for

details on how to load your cd-rom drivers.


Press any key to continue . . .


Any ideas? The discs in, the drive works fine.

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