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Direct-to-drive version of TSL?


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If you visit the website http://www.direct2drive.com, you'll notice that

several games are downloadable directly to your hard drive,

for a fee. You don't need any CD-ROMS to play them.


Is there a safe and legal direct-to-drive version of The Sith Lords?


I did a WHOIS on the website and it's owned by Tucows Inc and has the Gamespy and IGN name servers so it is a legitimate site to download from unless someone spoofed the info.

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OK, when you do a FULL INSTALL of kotor or kotor2, the directory contains EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The CD is there only for stupid varifying, cause LA does not trust us regular players and want to make our lives a living hel... (it takes average of 7 boots everytime to start my BF2 before I got it No-CDed, cause the lowlife we known as securom does not work well with notebook DVD-RW drives. BTW the actions does not deter pyrating anyways, so why do it??)


Well, that having said, there are No-CD patches out there that can be used. You do it after you use a full install, and no images/virtualdrives needed.


PLEASE, PLEASE!!! do it only if you have an original copy of the game. kotor/kotor2 is a good game and you should support the series by owning a set.


So the watever direct d/l site is probably asking you to do a virtual drive or something, which is not worth it if you have the original discs (I am assuming you are one of the good guys like everyone here and not a dupper)

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