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Taking Revenge

Renegade Angel

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After all the years of losing wars, battles, dogfights, and even losing lords, the empire has risen again with a plan: Revenge. They have a new leader, Darth Treth, who plans to take put the Rebels, but the Rebels wont go down without a fight. The empire has proceeded with the firsts tep and ambushed the rebellion on Hoth, where they were builiding a command center in place of the former Echo base. Delta Command is much larger and stronger, with more turrets and guards than any rebel facility in history. The empire has brought everything they could: Fighters, troops, Chocken and doggy walkers.... Let the chaos begin....









Ill post my charrie later.

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Jax sat in the bitter cold outside the new base. His yellow jump suit barely protected him against the harsh weather. He sighed and walked back into the warmth of the base. He knew the empire were planning a mass invasion. He knew he would be thrown into the deep end of things. He knew that Viper Squadron would be forced to try and stop the empire from Invading the planet. He also knew of they failed they would have to return to the surface and help the effort. He shook his head. Sometimes he wondered why he bothered with Viper Squadron. Truth be told he was bored of it. He had said nothing to his friends but it was probably obvious. He walked over to his friend Rezillo and sat down next to him.

"You might as well not bother" he said


"We're going"

"What already? The Empire hasn't even pulled out of hyper space!"

"They want us to be ready and go straight into it"

"great" Jax muttered. He stood up and walked over to his ship and stood by it until the alarm sounded. This was the signal for the fighters to prepare and get out. Jax climbed the ladder half heartedly. He sat in the cockpit staring into space until he heard


He jerked out of a daydream and looked around. To his horror the ships were leaving and many had taken off. He jammed his helmet on and closed the cockpit. He took off and sped away to catch up Viper Squadron. When he finally re-joined the group they were in space. Jax circled the empty space around the planet and waited for the empire to show....

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"No, I'm staying."

"Gus, they need you ALL out there!"

Gus grunted and withdrew his saber.

"Just tell Viper 2 he can take command of Viper Gold until I'm ready."

"If you say so, but I suggest you hurry." Viper 3 walked off to teh hangar. Gus stared at the Imperial Capital Ship Layout on the holo in front of him. He put in a data chip and uploaded the schematics to it. He shoved it in his pocket and put the saber away.

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Jax shot into the darkness.

"Jax what are you doing?"

Jax waited. Sure enouhg his laser bolt hit the star destroyer as it exited hyper space.

"Good call!" said Viper Leader

"Ok Viper Squadron let's go!"

Viper squad started their attack. The other fighters were left to do whatever they had to do.

"Ok boys we've got a new guy now, Don. I want to him to errr...be around the see the next mission understand?"

"Yes" some of them muttered.

"Ok" Jax said

"Rezillo and New be follow me on this next pass"

"Copy that Viper 4" said Don

"Right-O Boss!"

"Don, it's Jax"

"oh sorry V...Jax"

Jax lead the the other two to attack. Sure enough Tie fighters were released from the hangers. Jax heard over the inter comm.

"White group cover my guy's assualt other wise we'll be slaughtered"

"Copy that Viper Leader"

Jax gritted his teeth and opened fire....

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Airion got into a X-wing. He did a short pre-check and launched. When he reached space he already saw a battle starting. He locked on to a TIE fighter and took it down. He then locked on to the hangar bay.

Airion landed and jumped out of the X-wing. He threw his lightsabre at a storm trooper. THe trooper ducked but Airion's lightwhip wrapped around his body and then quickly sinking into his body, cutting it in half.

Airion took out a storm trooper with his lightsabre and another with his lightwhip. Then, dodging blasterfire, He damaged the ships and took out the rest of the people in the hangar. The hangar was disgusting with body parts everywhere and blood splattering everything. Sometimes the lightwhip didn't cut clean through bodies like a lightsabre did.

Airion headed towards the bridge of the ship.

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Jax fired and took down a tie fighter. He started his attack but an X wing cut him off and he had to dodge.

"What the?"

The X wing landed in the hanger

"What does he think he's doing? we're bombing the damn thing!" Jax yelled

"Viper group continue as planned. His life is in his hands" Viper leader said sharply

"Copy that Viper Leader"

Jax turned around and started his atack. He released the pay load and the hull of the ship rippled with explosions. A few auto turrets were taken out but no major damage was done. Jax started his second attack run when he felt something in the force. He looked around. He had felt a dark pressence gathering. A Imperial cruiser exited hyper space. It was massive. It was nothing like a star destroyer. Jax closed his eyes and felt a dark power being admitted from the ship.

"Darth Treth" he muttered

"Viper squad! Imperial cruisers are jumping out of hyper space all around the planet! They have it surrounded. They are starting the invasion!"

"Boys there's not much we can do here" said Viper Leader

"We're admitting defeat?"

"No. Better to live for now and fight for later"

Jax nodded.

"We are out numbered" he muttered

A message blared out over the comm.

"You are not to return to base! Do what you can!" said a voice filled with static

"What? we'll be slaughtered!"

no answer.

"You heard him boys. Let's do what we can!"

Viper squad started their bombing...

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Airion fought his way to the bridge. He stabbed an bridge officer and took of another's head. He swipped and stabbed the rest and sat down at the controls. Out of the bridge foward window he eyed a star destroyer exiting hyperspace. He could feel the darkness emitted from it. A dark jedi. He turned the ship towards the newly arrived star destroyer. He fired a fire shots at the star destroyer and moved the Airion's captured ship closer to the star destroyer.

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Gus slowed when he neared Jax and the other Vipers.

"Hope I didnt miss anything." Gus said, smiling to himself. He put the data chip in the slot and a hologram of the destroyer's anatomy and schematics popped up. He sent it to Jax.

"Check this out, Jax. I'm thinking we could find a weak point somewhere on here, look at the hangar bay, its-" Something hit him. Hard. A hologram of his ship schematics popped up in place of the destroyer's schematics. The engines flashed red and his right wing was yellow. So his engines were shot and his wing was damaged. He barrel rolled through a cloud of fighters and spun around. There were two Tie Fighters behind him, still firing random shots. He locked onto the first and fired two protons. A direct hit. The Tie went down and crashed into a Star Destroyer's command bridge. The other one boosted and dived down below him.

"What is he doing..." Gus whipsered. A rocket flew up past him and he realized it was hitting him underneath. He had to hurry... the engines were going to go critical...

"Thats it!" He yelled over the comm.

"Jax, if you can stall these fighters and the turrets, I can take this thing out in a matter of minutes."

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Gus landed in the hangar of a Cruiser.

"Guys I'm in, try to distract them." He clicked off the comm and ran behind his X wing. He took out his saber and sliced a few wires and split the engine. He had to hurry... He grabbed a small orb-like core and ran as fast as he could.

"Vipers. I need some help! If anyone knows where the engine room is, I need to-" A shot came out odf nowhere and his comm caught fire. He dropped it and took out his saber. He set down the core behind a deactivated droid. Three imperial troops ran in and opened on him.

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Airion's captured destroyer was extremely close to the nearly arrived star destroyer.

"......When ten to the enemy's one, surround him......When five times his strength, attack him;......If double his strength, divide him;......If equally matched you may engage him;......If weaker numerically, be capable of withdrawing;......And if in all respects unequal, be capable of eluding him,..........for a small force is but booty for one more powerful." Airion mumbled to himself. He set the course for the star destroyer. If the ship's blaster fire couldn't destroy the star destroyer, the entire ship certainly would. Airion got up from the seat and headed to the hangar bay.

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Jax realised what was going on and ordered the ships to stop bombing the star destroyer.

"He's put the star destroyer on a collisions course with that Sith Cruiser"

Jax pulled up.

"Let's see what this ships shields are like"

Jax fired a wave of bombs at the ship. Before the bombs could even touch the ship they disolved. Jax raised his eyebrows.

"Viper group hold off for a moment"

Jax dodged infront of a Tie Intercepter. The Tie fighter followed him as he had hoped. Jax led it towards the Sith Cruiser. He pulled up and the Tie Interceprtor went staright forward. Instead of pulling up and narowly missing the hull it disolved before it got close. Jax was shocked. He glanced around. The nose of the star destroyer was almsot touching the ship...

As the star destroyer got closer it started to disolve

"That....Power?" Jax stammered

"Gus can you sense that power? It's so....evil" Jax whispered. Then it hit him. Gus was inside!


"Leave that Sith Cruiser we will not be able to penetrate it's shields!" said Viper Leader

More and more star destroyers were arriving.

"Come on Gus" Jax muttered

"We're being outnumbered! Command we can't hold out much longer!" Viper leader yelled

"Gus get a move on" Jax said as more of the star destroyer started to disolve infront of their very eyes...

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When Gus had fought of tons of waves of troops and resisitance, he made it to the ship's shield generator and power source. He smiled evily and placed the small orb on a platfrom and attached a detenation pack to it. He had 10 minutes. He ran back to the hangar andf used the comm. on his ship. "GUYS! MOVE! THIS THINGS ENGINES ARE GOING CRITICAL, I REPEAT THE NEGINES ARE CRITICAL, WE HAVE TEN MINUTES TO GET OUT OF HERE!" He prayed the Vipers and Rebels got his message. He took off, but before he could get through the hangar bay, a force field activated over the bay and he couldn't leave. He landed and tried to use his comm. "Force Field- Cant- Leave- Help- Repeat- Field- H- L- Ca-" The satic was unbaerable. He had ten minutes to figure this out or he was goign to be screwed over.

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Airion heard the message on the comm. He also heard the help message. He looked disgusted for a moment. He didn't want to go get him. He sighed and swung his ship towards the star destroyer.

He flew straight at the force field. He threw some blasts at it and different varietys of weapons and the force field turned off for 2 seconds. And 2 seconds was all he needed. He screeched acrosss space and slammed into the hangar, his ship sparked and ignited on fire. Airion screamed as he burned and jumped out of the X-wing. He rolled on the hangar's floor intill the fire was out. He got up, with his uniform half burnt.

He began looking for the person who was calling for help.

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Gus saw an X-Wing crash into the hangar. Maybe it was help. He thought.

"You are not leaving." Came a voicef rom behind him. A cloaked figure holding a red lightsaber jumped at him. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small silver hilt and a purple. blade erupted from both ends. Then, he hit a button in the middle of the long hilt and it split into two seperate lightsabers. The figure swung at his leg. He jumped over the red blur and took a swing at his arm. It missed, but the figure stumbled back and doubled over. He wasnt dead, Gus knew that for sure, but he'd have some time to look for help now.

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(sorry I havn't posted in ages)


Jax sighed heavily and dodged Tie fire and swerved by the star destroyer and saw the sheilds. He fired an EMP missile and followed quickly behind it. The shield would not go down but it would be weak, very weak and Jax would crash right through it. The EMP hit the side and the shield fuzzed slightly and Jax crashed through the shield. For a moment everything went purple. Jax slid across the floor and saw Gus and a dark figure. Jax jumped out from the cockpit and used the force to stop his B wing from crashing into the wall. He turned to Gus and the figure who was injured.

"Having fun?" Jax asked coldly

not waiting for an answer he turned around

"There is a presence of evil here Gus....we must find it preferably before it finds us"

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(these forums are slowly dying)


Jax sensed something behind a door and used the force to open it. On the other side of the door it was pitch black. A red light glowed brightly. Jax gripped his lightsaber. The dark figure stepped forward. Jax gritted his teeth.

"Who are you?" he demanded

the figures scared face turned to Jax. He showed no emotion, no recognition that he heard Jax at all. Jax was frustrated. Several sparks amitted from around him. His anger was starting to take control. Jax sighed and gripped his blade. The figure showed a burst of speed and appaeared inches infront of Jax. Jax did not move he did not flinch. Even when the blade entered his shoulder. Jas fell to one knee and yelled. He jumped up and delivered a roundhouse kick to his enemy. He fell to the floor gasping for air and glutching his wound. The figure did not move. He just glared down at Jax. Jax stood up with great affort and attacked the figure with his lightsaber. He was limited to one arm. The figure dodged all the attack and did a spinning kick in the air which hit Jax on the head. Jax hit the deck and lay on the floor. His lightsaber was a few feet away. He reached for it but the figure crushed it with his foot.

"That was my masters" Jax growled Jax stood again. The figure elbowed Jax in the upper back and Jax flinched. Jax fell back to the floor. A crash made Jax raise his head. Rezillo had gone through the shield and his B wing hit the figure full on and crushed him against a wall. Jax smiled and passed out.

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(Ya, I think me and you are like the only people left here now, and my girlfriends actually getting a bit more open and telling me pretty much everything so now I'm never on...)

Gus ran in, green lightsaber ignited. "Awwwww man! Rezillo! save some bad guy for me will ya?" He smiled and tried to get Jax up.

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(You miscounted. There are 3 on these forums.)


Name: Admiral A-24 (aka 'Clem')

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Side: Empire

Weapons: Imperial Commander war armor, fast-rounds flichion blaster, Imperial detonators, magnetic radio-impulse transmitters, beam sword.


Background: Used to be an Imperial Commander during the battle against the rebels. After the fall of the Empire, Clem returned to his homecity on Corellia unemployed. His home city was a trade center of sorts and made its economy flourish through the merchant ships trading thousands of goods all over the galaxy. Much of Corellia was envious of the rapid success of the city, and as soon as soon as the Empire fell it was engulfed in chaos. The Corellian governments were quick to find treaties now invalid because of the Emperor's death and the lack of soldiers and guards made it into a war zone for rioting. Factories and rich establishments were raided and many were killed, including several friends and relatives of Clem. Clem moved to another part of Corellia and was often seen in pubs and so on. As soon as he heard the news of a "rebellion against the rebellion", he tracked the group down and was quick to join the new empire.

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(wow another person!)


Jax shivered and slowly stood up. Blood was seeping from his shoulder. He tore his robes and wraped them around his shoulder and winced. He stood and felt light headed but managed not to fall. He walked over the shattered remnants of his lightsaber and threw them up to Rezillo, who glanced at them.

"Repairable, boss" he said

He tweaked it a bit and looked around. He jumped down and grabbed a fusion cutter from a dead imperial pilot. He fiddled with it a bit more and passed it back to Jax.

"Just be careful with it, I don't know how durable that is"

"Yeah sure thing" Jax iginited the blade and swung it around a bit. It felt like it would break but Jax took it. He pocketed it and turned to Gus and Rezillo.

"Who's up for an adventure?" he aksed

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Well I'm Surprised this place is still going, remember me guys? Haha i dont care if you dont, but i'm back now.


Name: Stu Zandar

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Side: Rebellion

Class: Admiral (Ex. Gold Commander) Jedi Knight

Weapons: Green Lightsaber, Westar E-33 Pistol.

Ships: Firespray police intercepter, Customized Y-Wing.


Stu woke up out of a deep sleep...

"Wha-where am i?"

"Admiral, we found you in the remnants of that planet that blew about a year ago." Said a Medical Droid.

"Ok, whats going on now?"

"Go to the debrief room for more information."

Stu walked off into the Debrief room....


"Ok lets do this." Stu said hopping into his Y-Wing.

"Gold Team, i'm back, lets take out those fighters!"

"Good to have you back, G-Leader." Said Gold members 2 & 4.

"I've heard that my old mates Jax and Gus are on that Destroyer?"

"You heard right Stu, what do you wanna do?

"I wont interfere with them, lets just secure the perimeter."

"Yes Sir!"

Stu & Gold Squadron flew off to intercept the remaining Empirial Fighters.

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