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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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I was wondering if you can send me links to the mods: Force Flame Powers by Clydeski, Heart of the Force Sabers, Impulse Crystal by Shimaon, also the Dark Side Force powers thingy (separate from the All In One Force Powers Pack)

Edit: is there also a working link to multiple kill/plauge for kotor 1? The installer always quits in the middle of installation

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It has been years since I was here but now that I'm getting back to playing KOTOR I'm looking to get some mods. I can't access FileFront so here goes my list.



  • Ultimate Mandalorian Mod
  • Inyri Forge's Mass Effect Weapon Mods (Carnifex, Avenger, Widow, Valiant)
  • Inyri Forge's male caucasian heads replacement (the individual mods, not the pack)
  • Darth Revan's robes Lightning from hand fix
  • Shem's Prequel Saber Mod
  • Infinite Companion Items
  • Playable Sand People PC
  • Playable Rattataki (Asajj Ventress) PC. I onced played using one that replaced one of the female heads, included custom curved saber hilts and a new underwear texture
  • Alien race soundsets (for use with Sand People PC mod)
  • Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge as well as any required patches



  • Kreia's Assorted Robes
  • Sith Assassin Clothing
  • Avol's Darth Vader (if at all possible)


Thanks in advance.

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Could i please get a link to the TSL Darth Maul skin + horns.


Also the TSL count dooku skin by Don Kain, not the mod for kotor 1 the one he had up on pcgamermod.


[TSL] Jedi/Sith Prestige Choice Mod


Thank you.

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