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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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Wow that is a really cool armor and mask!


Unfortunately, I can't locate it anywhere. My suggestion is to PM the people in that thread and hope that one of them still has the mod. The problem is many of those people, including the authors, haven't signed on in years.


If someone does, let us know!

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Thanks for the advice Milestails. What are the rules of sending other people's mods? I've always wondered. Also, how about these?:


Ajunta palls lightsaber

Jolees doublesaber

Master heal

Silver crystal

Weebul - Utiinii's Imporium

Jedi Royal guard

Sith vibrosword

Recruit Mindtwister

Recruitable Luo


Many thanks again,


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Hi again, sorry to double request, it's just that a friend of mine is also replaying the game and asked me for some MRevan and Bastilla mods. I got what I could, but

Does anyone know of a mod for a shirtless MRevan Skin or underwear?


Thanks Again :)

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Hi there, I am looking for two mods that I usually got from FileFront. One I know the name of for sure and the other I don't. Both of them are for KOTOR II TSL.


The one I know the name of for sure, at least on FileFront.: Mandalore as a Jedi

Note: I have searched for this one and found the thread, but the link in the thread doesn't work anymore and I only got it from FileFront anyway. I have searched Gamefront, but as I always went to it from FileFront, I didn't know what it's called on GameFront. I am after the one that turns him in to A Sith Marauder, however the Lightsaber feats in the mod are bugged. He can't go past the Lightsaber feat that allows him to use them.


The one that I know what it is, but do not remember the name of.: It's the mod that changes the dialog for training your companions/party members in to Jedi. It allows you to choose which Jedi class they will become.

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Hello! I was wondering if someone out there has the "Standard Robe Pack for use with svösh's Robe Collar Fix" by Commas. It's a very elusive file. I'm not looking for the collar fix itself, nor svösh's master robe textures. Both are still hosted on his website and easily accessible. I'm specifically looking for the Standard Robe Pack by user Commas. The link on svösh's website for the Standard Robe Pack just leads to the long-defunct pcgamemods.


I am looking for this too. I have the collar fix but not the "Standard Robe Pack for use with svösh's Robe Collar Fix". I would greatly appreciate anyone able to provide me a link for this mod.

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Is there any remaining link to the HK-47 Melee mod for KotOR I? I was able to find it for KotOR II, but the only link to the KotOR I version is the filefront link here: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/HK47_MeleeSaber_Mod;103813


EDIT: Thanks, djh269! I'll remember to do that in the future.


Anyone have the [K1] Master Heal mod by LitlRidl? It was on PCGameMods once.


I'd also really like the Reign of the Sith Mod for KotOR I, and


The recruitable Telkka Zil (Quarren) Mod by Achilles on PCGameMods, shown here: https://web.archive.org/web/20050105022020/http://pcgamemods.com/6165/


And finally, Darth333's DS Recruit Dustil mod. I can't find it anywhere.


Thanks in advance!

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Hello FinalCountdown,


For filefront use web archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20150217033052/http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/HK47_MeleeSaber_Mod;103813


Then find the filename ( hk47_meleesaber_mod_2.0.zip) type it in google and you should find a filefront webpage within Google


Here is the final result: http://www.gamefront.com/files/14007865/HK_47_Melee_Saber_Mod




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Nice work djh269.


Cheers :), I have a request I hope people will like. It's a very old mod, but hey ho we can all have a little hope sometimes haha. It's the ceremonial jedi robes mod created by: Cerasumat back in 2005. It can be found here:http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=134075


Many thanks,


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