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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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Now this is sorta amusing but does anybody have a copy of the 1.1 patch for Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge aswell as any other mods that I may have developed? What with KoTOR files down I'm struggling to reacquire all of my mods, haha. Hoping to reupload these to Deadlystream once I get a hold of everything.


I was planning on uploading that re-bundle of BoS:SR with the patches/fixes soon, but I have the BoS:SR 1.0 and 1.1 on my system. :)

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The only mod that comes to mind is Force Fashion II by jonathan7.


It gives unique stats to those clothing items you mention.




It is not compatible with TSLRCM, however. You would have to sift through and find the item files related to the clothing items and install those only. I believe they are .utis.



THx.. I do think this was what i had before, way back.


Ok...1 more.

I can't find a working link to tk102's DLGEditor.


Edit: NM... GOT IT!



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Does anyone have the following mods? I lost all my mods for both Knights of the Old Republic games when my hard drive died.

Ambience and Music Improvement mods for Kotor 2

Handmaiden Reskin by Stoffe

Coruscant Scene No Overlay

Kreia to Dxun Tomb & Atton to Onderon

The Sith Mask

Hanharr’s Jedi Training 1.1

Force Concentration

Force Annihilation

Armored_Robes_v1.2 by Darth Darkus

Saber&Melee Weapon Sound Mod 1.0.1

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"Ambience and Music Improvement mods for Kotor 2"


Are these the ones by PastramiX? If so, he commented a few years back to not use those anymore. I used to install them all the time, but he is the author so gotta go with what he says.


Here is Darth Darkus Armored Robes:



This file has been reported as broken because:


no files

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I'm looking for a few mods:


Hi-Res Muzzle Flash by Jesse1066

Hi-Res Footlocker by Jesse1066

Goto's Yacht Window Upgrade by InSidious

Xi's Cyan and Silver Lightsaber Fix by Xi

VP's Kreia Green Fix by VP

Disappearing Rubat Crystal Fix by Karstedt (unless that one is included in TSLRCM)


If anyone has one or more of them I'd appreciate getting them :)

Thank you.

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Goto's Yacht Window Upgrade, Cyan and Silver Lightsaber Fix, VP's Kreia Green Fix, and Disappearing Rubat Crystal Fix are already included in TSLRCM.


I can send you Hi-Res Muzzle Flash and Footlocker by Jesse1066 via PM on Deadly Stream.


EDIT: Check your PMs on DS.

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I have this file called :KotOR Remastered v1.1 UPDATE.zip(20mb approx.)

I think it's related to an article i read here ;


Which in turn led me to this which has the updatev1.1 download link:


As it's an update i was hoping to find the base release so went here:


But the link for what looks like the main file is dead.


Does anyone know anything about this mod or if there is a another place to get a working link ?

I'm just interested as i never heard of it before ,passed me by for some reason.

I read the same guys are porting kotor to Unity ,though i'm not sure if that news is related to this mod.



I just found this site:


Doesn't really help much :)

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