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Star Wars Kotor II Total Conversion: The Darkness Within


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hey, i'm Marcus, the head voicer on the Darkness within TC... lately the forums and input from a lot of the members has been a little... lifeless.. we need more modeling peeps and some ladies willing to voice for us well anyone, but we need female voicers specifically! if you are willing to help, go to our forums... located in tiger778's signature! thanks!

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lol marcus is taking charge.

Anyway here's a list of what we need now.

-Voicers (preferably female but we could use more males)

-Modelers... as stated before, we have practically none

-KotOR Tool users. anyone capable of using kotor tool help would be much appreciated.

if you fall into the above categories and want to help out visit us here http://s9.invisionfree.com/KOTORIITC/index.php?

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Greetings all!


Over at TRF, we have embraced this Total Conversion project. Since there are no scripters, moddelers, or other "tech" personnel, I have decided to try and teach myself how to do some of this work, using the wonderful tutorials on LucasForums.


HOWEVER, as many have stated before, this project is massive in terms of coding and 3D work, and we need help. Currently, I can make a lightsaber hilt that resembles something like... modern art sculpture rejection pieces. Basically, I'm crap, but I am trying, and improving each time I fire up G-Max.


So, I put it to the available, skilled people: Can, and will, you help us? The TC project has taken a new home, HERE, and we would love to have you drop by to check out the new story line concepts, and offer any insight.


At this time, we cannot promise to fully compensate any scripters or moddelers, but we are working on something to get those who put their valuable time in some rewards for their labor.


All the best,


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I'm still around salam263, but to be honest, I begun work on this 'total conversion' a very long time ago. Needless to say, I wasn't as committed as what I would have been today (in my opinion anyway) as I was much younger at the time; but I simply do not have the time to tackle a project of this scale nowadays beacuse of Sixth Form and University (the latter I will be hoping to start next year).


I've been toying with the idea of getting myself known in the modding community better but on a much smaller scale. By this I mean: short side missions, small added content etc.


Perhaps in the future I will consider tackling a big project like this one. I've brainstormed several script ideas in Word recently, but I haven't actually done any work on them. I'm hoping to do something soon though so just keep your eyes peeled.


~ .:sam:.

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