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Gargantuan destroying Manual


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Consortium: Candarous Tanks (a few squads blow it up in seconds)

M.A.L. (not that good but it works)


Empire: Turbolaser Towers (just too much firepower for it to handle)

Dark Trooper Phase III (deployed) (1 shot, 1 hardpoint down)


hope this helps those who have trouble with the gargantuan raids

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If the AI is controling the Garm, I used plain citizens to kill him. I massed a bunch onto him, he use his special ability which drains his shields, then a backup contigent of citizens ran up and fired on his exposed shield hard point. Rinse and repeat. No more Garm. Works on a human player if you can goud him into using the special ability. Especailly near a Turret.

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