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For those interested in world affairs, here a a few interesting links (these links are provided with a neutral point of view - doesn't mean we agree or disagree with them):


  • Foreign Affairs - US publication - discussion of the U.S. foreign policy and international affairs .
  • Monde Diplomatique (Diplomatic World) - English version of a French monthly paper well known among the diplomatic crew. Offers analysis and opinions (mostly leftist) on world politics, culture, and current affairs - some free articles - more free stuff in the French version if you happen to know this language though:
    Monde Diplomatique (also available in several other languages). The sources of the articles are all listed so even if some articles are a little too much to the left for you, you can seek the official sources and make your own opinion.
  • Foreign Policy - US based magazine discussing global politics, economics, and ideas. Some free articles.
  • CIA World Factbook It's CIA but if you are looking for statistics for some countries, you can find some summaries here (note that the gov's of several other countries have similar sites but this one is updated annually)
  • Worldpress - Have a glimpse at the news published in other countries - link to 5204 newspapers from 192 countries.
  • Political resources on the net - Listings of political sites available on the net sorted by country (Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media , etc. )
  • International Affairs Resources
  • International Organizations such as the UN also publish numerous reports although they are quite technical most of the time -there are hundreds of them but here are some of those that are susceptible to be the most useful:



    [*]Checking the major TV websites, can't be a bad thing either:

    • CNN (US)
    • BBC (UK)
    • ABC (Australia)
    • CBC (Canada - English...French news are here )


- Check the websites of the countries you're talking about and their news sites too. It's always good thing to know what are the other point of views or what kind of info is vehicled...


This is a preliminary resource post so if you know other sites that provide information on world affairs in a general way and provide an English version, let us know :)

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This is not a world affairs site but many of what is posted in the database are from researchers from around the world studying different events. The site I am referring to is the database known as EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier. Inside this database are journal articles written in well reputed journals that range from social science, communication to natural sciences. It is fairly easy to use and allows you to narrow your scope if you need to get specific.

It is usually available through university libraries and online. It is free if you can acess it through your university or school. It is very good about journal articles since I have found some from the 70's. Most articles are available in full text pdf format for easy save and printing. I stongly encourage this and Encyclopedia Britannica Online rather than wikipedia since the information is verified and correct. Hell you get an article straight from the researcher.

Link: http://www.ebscohost.com

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