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-0mega-']I noted how it was funny how Bethesda Softworks games dominated the "RPG" top 10's.

Someone noted that it's probably because their games are very moddable (an argument / explanation / w/e you want to call it)


Then you note how their platform is very good to work from (another argument / explanation / w/e for their ''domination")


Then, you suddenly switch to JKA, saying "Admit it or not".

That's almost as if you're trying to imply that the bad stuff about JKA is the reason that Bethesda Softworks dominates an ENTIRELY different section.


You're obviously not implying that when I see your reply above, but the way you phrased your post made it seem as if you did.


If you still do not understand why, I will give you an example using your ''phrasing''.

I'll be the judge of what I'm obviously implying! lol ;P Sorry I think you got me mixed up with someone else.


Server is going up soon guys, just got home, 18 hour car ride can't stop me from playing ;P

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Aw ppoowey/ well i guess you guys have alot of work to do, this mod could be heaps better. I think you should wait till its finished till you put in into contests... unless its like the best upcoming mod or something.


But the weird thing is for the saber combat alone you got into the top 10... just goes to show what a excellent idea you guys came up with and accomplished in coding it. :duel:


Congratulations to the OJP team, lets celebrate



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