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Blood War: Recruitment


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It’s 1274, the humans call these medieval but we called the begging of the Blood war. Vampire and Lycans better known by the mortals for Werewolf, The Vampire has managed to create an army to hunt and kill the Lycans, but so the Lycans have created and army too, to defend they’re own.




Ok people we are Knights and Generals of these armies of Vampires and Lycans. I will need 5 vampires and 5 Lycans if it’s possible. You will take command of a few soldiers in the army (maximum of soldiers 200) and you will fight against you’re enemy in battles.



1)There is no super Vampire or Super Lycan

2)The use of silver weapons is permitted but so dose holy armament too.

3)Maximum command of soldiers 200 and 400 for the leaders.

4)There will be one leader for each faction, I am the leader of the Lycans and I will choose who will be the leader of the vampires.

5)You can be up to 2 characters.

6)This RP is based on Underworld, so we use the same powers as in the movie.

7) Number of Vampires in the world: 3,674. Number of Lycans in the world: 2,994.

8)the Lycans can change at any time they which and they get stronger when there is full moon.


Copy and paste this:














Name: Sir Friedrich Lehman (Call me Fred)

Age: As mortal: 36, As Lycan: 213

Species: Lycan



Born in a rich family in Germany Friedrich went to war against the Hungarians who where passing the borders of the empire. A night in a town of Hungary he was attacked by a Lycan, Sancho Bermudez a noble man of Spain, He integrated Friedrich to his pack, Friedrich became a great warrior among the Lycan pack gaining respect and honor for killing vampires and for being one of the best warrior in the pack. He gains the trust of the elders and was given the command of 400 lycan soldiers to fight against the vampire army.


Friedrich managed to form an army of Lycans in the borders of Germany, 400 lycans under his command. Many where soldier that served under him when he was mortal, he turned them into Lycans with the approval of the elders. With a great army of 400 soldiers and with other Lycans generals joining his cause it looked like the Lycans where ready for anything and any one.









Weapons: Armor, a Blessed Sword, and a blessed dagger hidden.

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I'm in!!!


Name:Eulises Kleiof

Age: Human:29 Vampire:194


History:Eulises worked for a local Lord (leader of the vampires) as his bodyguard, and later discover that the man he served was a vampire, and requested to serve him for eternity, wanting to become a vampire. His wish granted, he has fought with his Lord against many enemies, mostly Lycans

Appearance:Has long curly brown hair, clear green eyes


Weapons: Silver longsword, bow with silver tipped arrows, silver daggers

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Yea, this seems interesting. I'm in if you accept.


Name:Nivian Terrix

Age: Human: 28 Lycan: 124



Was a scout for his Lord. Often sent on missions to keep an eye on potential enemies. On his way to return to his lord to personally report on what he had found, he was attacked by a lycan and left to die. He was later found and was brought back to his original health with in days. He was later found by the lycan who attacked him and had it explained to him that he to was now a lycan.

Intrigued he wished to learn more, but his lycan attack was gone. Traveling alone he finally ran into another like him, and was integrated into a pack.




Weapons: Blessed Lance, and blessed long sword

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does it really matter? This is all for fun, and entertaining others isn't it?

Exactly Divide&Conquer, This is just for fun, in this RP the Lycans can change at any time they which and they get stronger when there is full moon.(Look at the rules) Thanks.

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Name: Karasu (Priest) Darkmire

Age: Human: 17 Vampire: 1400

Species: Vampire

History: A dark and mysterious man whos history dates before the birth of Christ. He lived the average life of a peasant in his time, poor lived in a small shack village was plagued with disease. One night while he was doing his nightly walk around the outskirts of the village he heard something like a twig break in the distance behind some bushes.


Karasu walks behind the bushes cautiously clenching his fist as he walks behind the bushes when he turns the corner he sees a cloaked man sitting on the ground at the base of a tree. The man looks up and says to Karasu, "how kind of you to join me"


Karasu confused says, "uh..... yeah sure no problem, but umm what are you doing back here?" The man replies, "whatever i want, care to join me?" Karasu contemplates then decides, "sure why not" and sits down beside him.


They go through the normal pleasantries. The man saying he is a traveler and just passing through the village and normally trying to avoid people for the most part. As the man gets up and says goodbye he asks him if he would like to travel with him, get out of this little village and see all the parts of this world. Karasu Contemplates and then realizes that there is nothing for him in this village and decides to go with him.


As they traveled Karasu learns that the mans name is Steihl. Months into their travels as Karasu has earned the trust of Steihl and finally tells him why they can only travel at night and why he tries to avoid people. He then asks if he would like to join him in another way. Karasu accepts his offer not wanting to be rude and well he figured he would probably never have this offer again.


After his turning they travel for many years feeding on innocent poor people who never deserved to die but they felt they were doing them a favor. After awhile Karasu got tired of traveling from one place to another and wanted to settle down someplace. Steihl did not fearing people would find out about what they were. That is where they went their seperate ways.


Karasu settled down in Jerusalem feeding on some of the poor people on the outskirts of the city. He got a job working for a blacksmith and learned at that time how to make a sword and practiced with them every night at work. He spent everynight honing his abilities at crafting a longsword aswell as using it.


He spent 30 years there and then realised people were starting to get suspicious that he still looked the same and was not aging the only thing that aged on him was his long hair turned a shining silvery white color.


He then traveled to Rome where he was involved in a street fight with some rowdy guards who decided to get allitle angry after a few drinks and hit a woman inside the bar. Everyone ignored it because they were roman soldiers, but not Karasu who so kindly punched the guy who hit her in the face and walks outside waving for the guards to follow him.


Karasu waiting outside fully cloaked hood drapped down over his forhead covering part of his eyes, unsheathed his Longsword putting the tip to the ground waiting 30 feet from the door. The three guards walk outside and pull out their swords.


Karasu laughs knowing his Vampiric speed and strength along with his 30 years of training with his sword is no match for these men. As they charge him side by side he moves to his left slicing at the farthest one to his leftmoving past them as the one soldier falls to the ground. They turn to their side and swing at him he blocks One sword with his and spins to his left again pulling his sword from the block and slices the mans face. He then toys with the third guard dodging his swings with his reflexes laughing at him then he decides to kill him he catches the mans blade in his hand as he swings down at him, holding the blade with one hand smiling he stabs him with his blade, the guard goes limp and falls to the ground.


By this time he is surounded by 40 guards, not wanting to test his abilities he allows them to take him to jail. The next day the Army's commander comes to his cell to talk to Karasu and asks him what happened. Karasu tells him the story. The Commander says he will let him out of jail under one condition, he joins their army to battle Carthage. Karasu says he will do it under one condition He fights at night and has a carrage and can sleep in it during the day. The commander agrees.


Karasu goes on to work for the Army for many years Helping them destroy Carthage. During his offtime he works with a blacksmith trying to develop a new sword in which he can use it more effciently. He comes across an asian man who tells him of a sword they have in his home country. Karasu listens to the man and works on his own version. A katana.


The rest of the history of Karasu is very faded he apears here and there in history mainly in wars, his knowledge of the Katana is first to none. He trained with the Samarai's for many years learning their technique with his version of their sword. In all his battles with his platoons in battle he has never ordered them to do much he always asks them to follow him which they normally do he never sends his men out to do something he wouldn't do.


(Id write more but i am at work its about 3am now and i work in a hospital so i have been trying to write this between doing stuff with patients and all the other stuff i have to do sorry about the spelling and poor grammer i am kind of tired at this moment but i hope this will inspire some vampires out there to have somewhat of a story for their character i can write more later if needed and ill try to find some pictures but i can't at work because some things are blocked on our internet but not lucas forums w00t w00t)


Appearance: Standing only 5'9 170 pounds of muscle Blue Eyes Silvery white hair down to his bicep normally found wearing a black cloak outside of battle and during battle wearing traditional Samarai armor with a few modifications. All black with silver spikes on the shoulders. He is never seen without his sword his one and only weapon. An extension of himself, it is a silver katana with a black hilt and the word Shavat engraved on it. Which in hebrew means "to cease and desist".





Weapons: his Katana



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^ Are you an anime fawatcher by any chance? :p



ive been known to watch a few in the past i don't really have much time between working 60+ hours at work at night and just life in general.



oh and to the creator of this thread if you need me to be the leader of the vampires i can wright a recent history about him and you can give me some details about the land and i can make some stuff up tying the other vampire into it. Just a thought

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