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Enabling Cheats (kotor 1)


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Ok I know in order for cheat codes to be enabled on Kotor 1 you have to edit a game file and put "EnableCheats=1"

under [Game Options] and I did this but when I try to save the file it says this-


"cannot create the C\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR\swkotor.ini. file."


"make sure that the path and file name are correct. "


and yes I'm saving the file name as swkotor.ini


and I've made sure that the "read only" box isn't checked in the properties so I'm at a complete loss... is their anything anyone can think of to help me? I just cannot get it to save the "EnableCheats=1" your help would be greatly appreciated...


I'm running windows Vista and I've tried Notepad and Wordpad to edit the file.

I've been told that this could be some kind of Vista security feature... is their any way around this??


It is extremely frustrating and I've tried everything I can think of... please help..




Ok well I finally got the file to edit and I added "EnableCheats=1" under Game Options without the quotations.. anyway... I got the file to edit by dropping the file onto the desktop and then editing it and then putting back into the folder... But I tried the game and it still doesn't let me cheat.... It's like it just doesn't recognize that I added the line... because in-game the cheat console doesn't appear when pushing ~ so.. what's the problem now? Is it the way I went about editing the file?

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Sometimes programs bug out and don't release files they were using when you close them. Assuming it's that, restarting should fix it.


Worst case, boot in safe mode, log in admin and edit it. If that doesn't work I haven't a clue what's wrong :p

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