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[K1]How do I put a custom appearance in utc?


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Hi all, I'm trying to have a new npc use custom lines from the appearance.2da (Meaning new lines I put after the original ones, not replacements for existing ones like a modified Carth or something like that).


I have the Jabba's Palace mod and the new npcs of that mod use new lines in the appearance.2da. Since I want to add a new npc from a different mod I have to merge the 2 appearance.2da files. The problem is that this new npc uses a line in the 2da that the first mod uses as well (509, first new line after the vanilla ones) so obviously my new npc has the same appearance as the other character from the first mod. I added the second mod's lines beneath the first mod's but the problem comes when I try to set up the npc to use the new values in the utc.


When I open the utc by view gff files of Kotor tool there is a drop down menu for appearance but it only goes as high as the original vanilla entries in the appearance.2da. If I try to open the utc in Kotor tool with gff as text I can then add whatever custom line I want for the appearance. The problem is that after I change the value and save the new utc when I try to reopen it to see if it saved correctly, it crashes my Kotor tool. I haven't tried using it ingame, the fact it crashes my Kotor tool seems indication enough it didn't work but I might be wrong.


Can somebody please tell me what I need to do to be able to put the changed appearance entry into the utc? Is there something I'm missing when I try to change it with the gff exporter as text that causes it to crash when saved or is there a way to have it show up in the original dropdown menu?


I have searched as many tutorials I can but haven't found an answer for this issue. I would really appreciate it if someone would tell me what I can do to edit the utc correctly or at least point me in the direction of a tutorial which might be helpful for this issue.



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