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Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis


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Hello guys, i'm a spanish classic gamer and i have indiana jones and the fate of atlantis in spanish, but has more translating errors.

Well my question is where is the text stored and wich utilities i need for modify this text.

I only know that the file ATLANTIS.001 have some info, but i'm not sure.

i'll apreciate your help.

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I've got problem with translating Indy4 into polish. We've translated fonts and images, but when I replace text, dubbing disappear. Is there any chance to edit text and keep dubbing?


I don't know what you're using to replace the text, but you need to make sure you keep all of the "\xFF\X10..." etc stuff at the start of each line of text, since that's escape character code that tells the game to play a sound.


Use scummtr to extract the game text to a .txt file, edit that .txt file (making sure to keep the speech code text), then insert it back into the game using scummtr.

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