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Inane Speculation for thought...


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So, as birthdays come for me, I usually get some cool stuff. This year was the year of Indy, so I got some stuff for that. I got some books and whatnot, but the best thing I got was "The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones." It's basically a "journal" written by Indy through all of his adventures of his childhood all the way through to KOTCS (where the journal was taken by the Russians before the movie began). It really is a great journal. It even includes the Fate of Atlantis in his adventures (I'll get to emperor's tomb later), but not Infernal Machine (idk why not).


So anyway, as you read through the journal, it obviously goes chronologically through the adventures. You eventually stumble across 2 "torn-out" pages in the journal. All throughout the journal, the Russian secret service has put "notes" on things of importance. On these torn out pages, the note reads: "The missing pages skip from May 1933 until September 1935. However, we have located Dr. Jone's passport from this era so we can trace his whereabouts in 1935. His whereabouts in 1934, unfortunately, are still unknown."


Alright, so, on this "passport" shown in the journal, you see all his locations traveled in not only Temple of Doom, but also, Emperor's Tomb (Ceylon, Hong Kong, etc.). Now, if anyone is still following, I would like to know if anyone has any facts or speculation for what this means. I mean, why would they post all of his adventures and happenings and specifically point out that they didn't know where he was in 1934? I may be missing some facts from Indy lore, and that's why I don't know what it means, so if that's the case, can someone tell me what that means? If not, what do you think it means otherwise?


Well, hope this was something interesting for thought or some trivia (whichever) that you enjoy!



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