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Okay back on subject


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now that thats over with id like to repeat what i said about recruiting we need skinners, texture guys, a couple more voices, and some module editing ppl blah blah blah contact me okay thanks lol worst post evur :D


ill go over the story of the mod later thanks all

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Just to reiterate i went over this in another post but okay i was too lazy to explain it in this one


"Guys me and my modding team no name yet are currently looking for more people what we really need are scripters but we have a few skinners voice actors etc

anyway the mod is a non canon expansion called "the Lost ones" and it is about revans two brothers Rothion the older brother who was always better than revan

and his little brother codenamed Striker this takes place in kotor 1 after bastila is captured once you get to the next planet a man will be next to a ship known as the triumvirate.there are going to be 2 planets in the mod that you can go to via the triumvirate anyway he takes you to a planet Ubiltross looks like korriban you then meet up with a sith alcolyte named Trinity she explains that they found a rouge jedi that matches revans genetic code she takes revan to her insane master darth shatnor i wont give too much away just yet but it will feature around 4 or 5 hours of content our website will hopefully be up soon and until then we will release many small mods on filefront if you guys want to join let me know and i will find a position for u look forward to the completion!"


end quote




and thats the explanation of the mod so far ill go into more detail later i dont have time now o well if u guys have questions let me know and ill be glad to answer them.:)

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I'd like to help.


If I had a choice, I would do something to the effect of module editing. NPC, Placeable, Door creating, module reskinning, and a few other things.


My credentials, I'm presently working on a mod that will add a new story line to Korriban that will consist of about 18 new modules.

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