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XWA fix for ATI HD and nVidia posted


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is there any way for some one to cut through the crap in the linked thread, it's 5 pages long, there are references to a .bat file that i can't find a link to. its really quite frustrating, i do appreciate the help offered, and hope that this get's resolved.


This is the Link that was hinted to:



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I have an NVidia 9600 GT, and i went through the steps in that thread, after reading all trilion pages of it. I got the patcher, the batch files, etc. I ran it, then loaded up the game. THe problem had not been changed, except that i now had an HUD. I didn't have any models, except in the HUD.


So, a real fix would be appreciated. I've been working on this for over 5 hours now.

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That's what I'm talking about, the XWAU forum. I tried everything on there and it didnt' work.


Ultimately a friend told me that i needed ddraw.dll


Hi Slorrin,

I also happen to have a 9600GT, and the very same problem you had...:mad:

Could you please let me know what exactly was the ddraw solution you mention?



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