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A "slimy" shader?


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Is there a shader that makes the target area sort of slimy? I want to make my bacon sword greasy:xp: If there is such, could someone tell me the name of it?


In game, some aliens (such as the male twi'leks) use


bumpyshinytexture CM_SpecMap


I can't check right now, as I don't have KTool installed ATM.

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Ok im gonna test those now. I actually checked the twilek row, maybe i just mispelled it or something...


EDIT: I left the CM_SpecMap out, adding that in solved it. Thank you! Now the sword of the bacon crusaders looks like it should: greasy and sexy. Well, as much as is possible with Kotor shaders, actually i think it looks more like gum than grease :xp:

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