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How to get to my new module? :xp:


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The actual script would look like this:


void main() {




Just enter the name of your module in the space for "my_module" with the quotes.


But I highly recommend that you get the cheat console working. It's almost impossible (notice the word almost) to work on a project that revolves around new modules without using cheats. Some modules require you to start a new game when the module's .git file isn't in the override folder.


The above script will do what you want, just attach it to an armband, I know there's a tutorial I believe in the scripting section of Lucasforums tutorials but heed my advice, get the cheat console working.


You should enter this under "game options"


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Yes i know how it works, i even know what button to press. But i have a keyboard thats made for finland, so the buttons are in different places than those of the american keys, i have tried every button i can think of but i just cant get the console open. I know other people have this problem too. Well anyway, im gonna make an armband and see if i can get the module working. TY

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Forget what i said in the upper post, that has been cleared for me... Its just that the script you gave me doesnt want to compile :xp: I have tried both copy/pasteing that and writing it myself but the compiler always gets a syntax error saying something like that "=" is wrong...

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