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No, it's just pure story-telling. Instead of saying: "My fighter swings his longsword +5 at the Dragolich" it would read:


"Ragnar stood his ground, glaring at the Dragolich. He snarled as he twirled his sword before extending a hand and making a 'come-hither' motion at the unholy beast. The Dragolich roared as it's animated bones carried it towards the warrior, snapping it's jaws in anticipation of an easy kill.


Ragnar smiled before swinging his sword expertly at the Dragolich, the sword connected at the Dragolich's skull fell down, still snapping anxiously. Ragnar roared with joy as he destroyed the unholy monster.


"That's how you do it." He said to the mage beside him. "Sword and steel beats sorcery any day of the week."


((OOC stuff goes here))


Edit: Check out this post from the Bethesda forums, explains everything you need.

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