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  1. Nice to see you around again. :D Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. :)

  2. Just passing by and sayin' hi cause I found the forums again :xp:

  3. Hey, love the avatar,lol

  4. None too bad, just surviving my first year of college. And getting frustrated with not having any free time during normal living hours. Stupid Engineering majors :(

  5. Yep, alive and still being awesome. How have you been?

  6. *poke* Rediscover this man :<

  7. :o CN still lives!? I figure when I go AFK everybody else eventually finds their way out. Just saying "hey" :)
  8. That I do :D


    Glad to hear stuff is good with you and you haven't decided to take the long AFK. I'm recognizing less and less people around LF xD Just never get involved in league gaming, you'll lose what precious free time you once had. I should know, it's part of why I have no free time anymore, the other part being that annoying thing known as school :xp:

  9. Heh, so you've been out and about as well, aye? :D Lol, I suppose B-day wishes are always something happy to see on one's return :D Engineering school? Dang, that is quite the task indeed! Things with me have been pretty good, finally settled somewhere and have been busy with school and such....you have a good idea how that is :D

  10. rofl, I just rediscovered this place again. It's funny, I go afk for 5+ months, come back for a month or two then back. Don't worry about it being so long, next time I come back I'll have to wish you a happy birthday again :xp: Times are indeed busy... who would've thought that going to college for engineering would've been difficult? :D How's things w/ you?

  11. ForeverNight! Thanks man, and sorry it's been so long, times are busier then expected? Whazzup!? :D

  12. Well, apparently my zombie RP is back up. Love to see you give a a shot, especially to the head...

  13. Remington 870 has lower recoil when handling magnum loads and heavier rounds. It also tends to be lighter, and more easily maneuvered in tight spaces. Just saying. :xp:

    I have a bit of experience with both. :p

  14. never mind! Sorry! *blushes*

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