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KOTOR1: Can't talk to party members/won't follow me.

Pecos Pete

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I'm having a weird problem where Canderous and HK-47 won't talk to me, and they stand still and refuse to follow me. I have to switch to them and move them manually. The main character will follow that character while they move, but the other party member still just stays in place. So if I use both of them in my party, the only way to exit a module is to walk alllll the way to the other side with HK, then switch back to Canderous who is still standing at the entrance, and walk allll the way to the other side with him so it will let me through the exit. So basically the game is almost unplayable if I want to use either of them.


This isn't fixed by reloading a save or exiting the game, they're just permanently broken apparently.


If I switch to HK or Canderous and talk to the main character, conversation does start, but that seems to be the only way to talk to either of them.


I'm pretty sure this is related to the Sith Academy, and I THINK it's related to switching to different party members from who were originally the two "slaves" that went to the academy with you originally. I stated having this problem in one of the tombs, but I didn't think it would be permanent, I thought there was just something screwy going on.


I think it's related to who I originally took to the academy. I think it was Canderous and HK, but I can't remember. I did the Dustil stuff, so I know Carth was there at some point.


Anyway, I have a save after the final trial, right before walking back into the academy when the entire academy attacks you. If I go in normally, Jolee and Mission are in my party.


I found the KOR_ADD_PARTY global in KSE and changed that to 1, which lets me change party members before going back to the academy, where they're normally inside and rejoin you for the big fight. Normally changing party members before you go back in is disabled, but this seems to just enable that again.


If I put HK and Canderous in my party outside of the academy, using that KOR_ADD_PARTY at 1, once I go back in and the battle starts, I can talk to Canderous again and he follows me and behaves like normal. After some messing around I found that it's just whoever is in the 2nd party slot. So If I use HK and someone else, I can make HK work again too. But this only fixes one character, and the "fix" only happens when I re-enter the academy to start the fight. If I leave in the middle of the fight and come back the "fix" doesn't happen again, so it's related to the trigger for that fight, when the party members normally rejoin your party.


I can't find anything that shows which party members are waiting for you in the academy. Using KSE to edit the current party doesn't change that. My party is empty in KSE until I go back inside and they rejoin me. Surely there's a variable somewhere that says who is inside so it knows who to put back in your party. I wonder if I could edit that to Canderous and HK if it would fix both of them.


It seems like this is related to switching party members while doing the Sith Academy stuff.


I looked around a lot before posting this, and found other people with this same problem, two party members stop talking and following, but no solutions. Hopefully someone knows something about this. Surely it's just some variable that can be hacked back to the proper setting or something.


I just beat the whole game as a light side character with no problems, and this is happening on a second playthrough as dark side. So I don't think it's related to mods or anything. The only Korriban related mod is Bastilla on Korriban.

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Hmmm... not sure if the Bastila on Korriban would be the cause, although I think it does alter the partytable... been a while.


The problem you describe seems vaguely familiar to me, and it seems that when I was having this issue, the problem was ultimately something to do with my wireless desktop!


If you are using a wireless setup, try that section with a plugged in mouse/board. Just for the heck of it... IIRC, I did that, gameplay resumed normally, then I saved and went back to wireless and was fine. When I had the gameplay symptons you describe, it was intermittent and not related solely to the Korriban academy, so this is a longshot at best.


Just out of curiosity, you have patched your game?

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