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Help With Choosing a Class

The Witch King

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Welcome to LF The Witch King :D!!


I would getting better with the Scout (sniper) and Arc (heavy weapons); those are the ones I use :xp: .


But really I would say you have to play multiple matches, each using a different class. I would make the AI difficulty hard seeing as that is the closest to online opponents you can get. Additionally, I would play the matches on the same map. After each match I would then write down what you liked and what you didn't like about the class you used; and when you are completely done decide which class (or classes) you like the most/ you did the best with.

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Hi guys, I'm new here. Just wondering what army and troop class you would recommend to get better with. I basically just use the regular trooper most of the time.




It depends of the map. If the map is wide and open, the normal trooper or the sniper are the best. If it's a closed map with many objects, then the engineer or heavy trooper are the best. :thmbup1:

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Sniping tips? Go to a high place with enough cover. But don't stay there after you shoot someone, or you'll reveal you position.



Don't take a long time getting to where you want to snipe from, and while going to your sniping spot use your pistol not the sniper rifle as your weapon.

Obviously go for head-shots.

Don't forget you have a re-con droid that can shoot/call in airstrikes.

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