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Role playing; The ultimate AI

Just one thing

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Hey, noob here. I'm sure this has been brought up before but...


"jedi academy" It's so easy to modify, it has cool phisics great combat system and there are so many awsome things in it that you are never called upon to do in single player story. I'm always left thinking; "I could do so much more with this game!"


This brings me to role playing. In most games, attempts by people to create their own scenerios with their own storys in a multyplayer situation frequantly fail because:


- of poor planning

- the scenario doesn't revolve around combat so it ends up getting boring really quickly

- the participants don't know what the hell they're doing

- the admin fails to boot people who are bieng ********'s


Wouldn't it be awsome to play a game with a good story? Where you're pitted against real people with real brains? The scenarios you could make are endless but it's imprtant that everyone is doing combat, the basis of the game.


look that's my idea anyway, anyone interested? or could you direct me to people who might be? any technical advice on to make it work?


Here's a simple secenario I had an idea for:


Hostage rescue:

A courascant hotel has bieng taken over by thugs. The good guys have to take it back. The goal for the good guys is to reclaim the hotel with as few civilian causualities as possible. goodies can respawn badies can't. For the badies; survive for as long as you can. Kill hostages only when you pesonally see a goody inside the building. Being detained isn't as bad for your score as bieng killed.




Something with a story


It's the next best thing to getting a life. Anyway, this'll probably be a flop but thanks for reading to the end you kind, kind person :)

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Yea I have heard of galaxies, but I don't like playing games were you have to spend halve your life loading the game and the other halve getting to level 20 so you can achieve something remotly worthwile (I don't mean that to be rude).


I might check out the filefront forums, so long as it's not breacking any "off topic" rules.


Thanks for the advice guys, 'preciate it.

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What exactly made you think JKG's gonna be like that?

At any rate, I got the impression the mod team is pretty professional, so I'd suggest going to their forum and discussing your misgivings with them - they won't bite (I guess). At this time, there shouldn't be too many things that are set in stone (if any).

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