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Forces corruption worth it?

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hell no. It was more of a degredation than an Expansion. A true expansion would have been added on the the original game. Here are my reasons.

1. The Storyline Sucked


2. The ZC was overpowered, especially with that corruption ****.


3. Their units sucked ass, while others were overpowered. Each of the heroes were stealth units. So, i could just land em on a planet, and boom, its ours. Way too overpowered. And, there were very few units to use


On the otherhand, I did like the additions they made to the other factions, as well as the planets, but my list just dragged it down. LA, please remake FoC

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I was just wondering if the expansion is worth it?


it is up to you, of course, but in FOC you have tree playable factions, that is : Rebellion, Empire and Zann's consortium. You also get more vehicles (space and ground) and more characters. For me the answer to tour question is definitely YES !

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