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The Great Hyperspace War - Casting Call


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The Great Hyperspace War


5,000 BBY


"The Republic has grown and expanded for many generations, encountering no worse than a few interplanetary squabbles and civil wars…but if we should confront the fabled Sith Empire, we will experience a war so great, so devastating…it can cross the fabric of hyperspace, a conflagration spanning the galaxy…"


Two hyperspace explorer's Gav and Jori Daragon make their attempt to discover new hyperspace routes. The randomly entered coordinates drops them to Korriban an ancient Sith world, home of the "Fallen Jedi". Naga Sadow has taken the title "The Dark Lord of The Sith" after the death of Marka Ragnos and now that he knows the exact coordinates that could lead him to the Republic, he assembles his entire fleet to crush the Republic and conquer the galaxy. Luckily Jori Daragon could escape and warn the Republic about the threat.....




1) No God characters and superweapons

2) You may create a maximum of 3 characters

3) Aaaaaaaaaaand......................yep you guessed it Have fun:D


Character Sheet

Name: -Name of your character

Age: -pretty obvious I think

Gender: -obvious too

Species: -species. You can be human/sith hybrid and some unknown species too

Appearance: -if you don't have a pic just describe it

Homeworld: -where he was born

Affiliation: -Sith Empire, Galactic Republic or him/herself

Preferred Weapon(s): -favourite weapon(s)

Bio: -the background of your character



I will get the most important characters just to make sure the everything is in order:)

-Naga Sadow,Empress Teta(later if we get there Supreme Chancellor Pultimo) and Odan Urr



Feel free to ask any questions about the war. You can "create" a character

that already exists or you can create your own too.

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Name: Proodo Kressh


Age: 19


Speices: Sith/Human hybrid


Homeworld: Korriban Korriban3.jpg




Appearence: A young Sith Kissai_1.JPG


Gender: Male


Affliction: Sith (formerly) Kressh family (personal army)


Preffered weapons: Short purple lightsaber, double bladed vibroblade


Bio: He was trained at the Sith Academy after being born to Ludo Kressh and a human female Sith Apprentice. He wittnessed his father's death by the hands of of Naga Saddow. He not only pledges to avenge his father's death, but he vows he will destroy the Sith and destroy the Empire before creating his own state.

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