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  1. ^^ Being inside your own mind takes skill
  2. ^^ Where did i see that face before........
  3. ^^ When are you gonna make a blue button?
  4. ^^ I know a good place where you could hide
  5. Oh don't worry Chun li will always be there in your.......mind....heart or wherever you decide to keep her:p

  6. ^^ What in God's name is a Pandaemonium?
  7. ^^ Something disappeared from the sig but i don't know what o.o
  8. ^^ I'm sorry did i break your concentration?
  9. ^^Star Trek fan Yeah unfortunately so:( But i won't buy an X360 just for her:p
  10. Unfortunately for you it's gonna stay like this for a while:p

    And if you have any complains make sure to direct them at GTA:SWcity

  11. ^^ Sweet GEEZUS what is that thing?! Don't know about you but for me that's more like a dream than a nightmare:p
  12. ^^ I can resist the yellow button............unlike the red one
  13. Mainly because it was REALLY short and i don't like the clone story. It was also pretty laggy at times but that was because of my laptop.

  14. I did play TFU2 on the PC(huge disappointment BTW) but there were no problems for me. But even if your mouse doesn't wanna show up you should be able to use the arrow keys...........or better yet an xbox360 controller if you have one:p

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