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A preview of my new album...


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Woo !




I didn't like the opening on "Remnants of the past", but it got a hella lot better towards the end. Then onto "And the leaves have fallen", I seriously think It's a good song (sonically for the most part) even if It's apparent that It's still a demo, pretty impressed actually. Will be interesting to see if this unfolds into an EP or better yet, a self-released full album =)

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Thanks for your feedback! Its very appreciated. :)


The opening of Remnants is pretty odd at first listen. However, I wanted to have a really happy bright sounding theme. I definitely think its a bad way to start off the album though, which is why I'm working on a short intro that is gonna be before that. I plan on having it slowly build up to a climax, and then the soft acoustic guitar and flute enter. Hopefully it turns out ok!


The plan is to save up enough money the next two summers to enter a recording studio and give this album a professional sound. Its gonna take a long time to write the remaining songs though.


Thanks again! :)

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I liked and the leaves have fallen a lot. remnants of the past was ok too, but leaves is really good.


Thank you!


I've been noticing overall, people like Leaves much more than Remnants. Not sure why... it might be because there is so much going on, or maybe because its instrumental, or maybe people just can't relate to the themes or just right out don't think they sound good.


I also realize that, since its the overture and its supposed to introduce the main themes of the album, it sounds kind of out of place when its listened to on its own. Hopefully by the time the whole album is done it will be more enjoyable for people to listen to!


Is there anything you guys think we should change? Personally, I'd like to work on the transitions between the themes a little more so they flow a little better, but is there anything else you guys can think of that could use some work?


Thanks! :)

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