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Hi, I have started playing a new campaing, and so I decided being good. At the end of Sandral-Matale Feud the two families meet up togheter in front of... Matale estate? Doesn't matter. Anyway, before they meet up I choose that no reward is needed, then they meet up and then I started choosing the "Calm down" choices so I runned into a Persuade Option, after manging to apply SUccess to them both (matale AND sandrel) the conversation breaks and I'm standing there, with the two families next to me, journal not updated and when I talk to rahashia again the two families spawn again (so i have to sandrels and two matales, along with 4 additional droids) and the conversation happens again.


the bug doesn't occur if i dont choose the first upper sections "IT was no problem", and then "No reward is neccesery"

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